Monday, January 31, 2011

Be better! At anything!

Brillante Interiors project

“Be better! At anything!”  This is the mantra for Betterfly: an online  service to find the right people to help you learn, look and feel better.
I was recently asked to be a guest writer on their blog and since I am very busy with a project I chose to send something already prepared:
"The colors of our life" 
an article I have written recently for a new Vancouver magazine on real estate, which will be distributed to 5000 local home owners in 2011. This way all my readers from Amman to Melbourne and beyond (yes I have readers all over the world and I am still amazed and thankful for blogging) can read the article.
So now please go to Betterfly, clicking HERE, and read what I mean by "The colors of our life".
As for the armchair above I have a long story to tell you.

Year 1971 - Milan - Two sofas and one chair were bought in Milan for my first apartment, made by the famous Poltrona Frau,

back then they were covered in a gorgeous cognac color and in the most supple leather, with super comfortable loose cushions and a contemporary line that did indeed stand the test of time.

Year 2005 - Vancouver - After more than thirty years the abused leather was tired and even if worn out leather has now become fashionable, I decided to re-upholster them, this time in a totally new way: a silky velvet by Robert Allen in two different but complimentary colors, a fresh tender green and a hot pink! What can I say, I am not afraid of colors. I still remember the surprise and joy on my upholsterer face when he discovered the way  Poltrona Frau  builds furniture, he had never seen such a superb craftsmanship.  Six years later I still adore my renewed furniture and I am not tired of the look.

Brillante  Interiors project in progress

Year 2007 - Milan - About two years after the re-upholstery job I was in Italy and I went to buy the usual stack of Design my amazement on the cover of March 2007 "Ville Giardini" a luxury monthly Italian publication there was my living room or actually something very similar, same style of sofas, two color velvet, fresh green and hot pink exactly like mine but this time they used the green for cushions and the pink for the frame.
Ilaria Miani, from Rome, was the designer featured on the cover and you can see the similarities with my sofas (the actual colors in my place and the ones on the cover are much more similar then they appear here!)
12-2-2010 8-19-37 PM
Ilaria Miani project

On her website there are three pages of Magazines where she was featured and you can find,  bottom row, the cover of Ville Giardini magazine I am talking about.
12-2-2010 8-34-24 PM
Ilaria Miani website

Many thanks to Betterfly for featuring one of my articles and for giving me the opportunity to talk in this post about the mysterious coincidence of similar living rooms in two continents.
Ilaria Miani and Albarosa Simonetti...were they separated at birth?

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eclecticrevisited said...

yes, great minds do think alike... and I so love the colors of your room...very pretty... and that first pic with the painting above is gorgeous...

Theresa Cheek said...

I so enjoy your posts Albarosa! You are truly a woman ahead of your time!

moltobenewife said...

the colors on your couch are just tremendous. I love those colors together!

mary said...

I love it when LIFE gives me affirmations. I can only imagine your joy at seeing your creation and color choices being highlighted. And those colors still "rock" today. Have a great week. Mary

peggy braswell said...

I have been to Milan and loved it-but then I love you + all things Italian!!!! You have certainly given the answer to the question-"Should a person invest in well made furniture?" A loud "YES" was shouted- as you will have it MANY years. Great Post!


I love your sofas - they are so luscious to the touch and they look amazing.

I have to say that if they didnt have that your refined eye when selecting the fabrics they could look over killing. I like the fact that your pieces are bit tone done than the other version, so they become more versatile and timeless.

See, Albarosa, this is the reason why Vancouver and Milan Homes need more of your sophisticated eye. - You can be elegant and fun!

Karena said...

Oh Albarosa, a fascianating story and you are such a visionary! I love the colors you chose and agree with Ivan's comment.

Art by Karena

Suzanne Vachon said...

Love your choices of color, osé (daring)and joyous, very Venizia..


Sarah, Three Boys said...

I found you from a comment you left on Habitually Chic! Love your blog and all of you blogging resolutions, too funny! I am your newest follower. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

Marcus Design said...

So luxurious and beautiful!! The colors you chose are one of my favorite combinations, this look is classy and timeless, as you have proved!
Nancy xo

A CRITIC'S EYE said...

I agree with Meade Design, yours are softer and more pleasant to live with. Would you make a post on your paintings? Did you have the sofa in mind when you chose the painting above? and the ones on the floor. I am always curious as to how interior designers select the art work and where and how they place them.

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