Monday, January 24, 2011

The joy of winter

It is cold outside!
Do you like cocooning?

Sunday 8:00 AM
In the morning the bathroom will greet you with warmth created by this central multitasking element: a mirror, a divider but also… a heater…designed by Patricia Urquiola for Axor.

10:00 AM
1-24-2011 12-48-06 PM
Loro Piana
A walk in the park well dressed in Loro Piana jacket and accessories.

3:00 PM
A fireplace, soft rugs, a cozy chair, several books to entertain you, let it snow!

Nothing can replace a real flame, it will keep you busy arranging the logs and entertained with crackling sounds and dancing flames. 

Loro Piana
Throw Lake Placid in cashmere with  suède finishing, by Loro Piana to feel the warmth
when sitting on the sofa.

5:00 PM

A cup of hot tea? Serve it with this tea set by Alessi, designed in 1935 and recently produced again, made of stainless steel and black Bakelite.

8:00 PM

1-24-2011 12-50-45 PM
Loro Piana
Going out for dinner in an a elegant reversible trench and accessories by Loro Piana
11:00 PM
Going to bed under the Marea elegant bedspread by Cinelli, filled with Siberian goose feathers with a new quilting technique.

Etro casa
Or choose these velvet and wool blankets in tartan pattern or patchwork, by Etro,
to keep you warm and happy.
Enjoy the winter!

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mary said...

I love this post--cozy and edgy all at once.

peggy braswell said...

Great Post! love all the eye candy!
80 degrees expected here in S.

Anonymous said...

love all the warm colors and clothes..and I'm ready for tea at 5:00 also...
stay warm..

G S Sirotnik said...

Here I am, snuggled up in my fleece pajamas (by Nordstrom's) robed in a classic kimono custom made by a Korean artisan from fabric personally selected in the old town of Honolulu, in front of a fireplace lit by an unnamed lover, with my iPad (by Apple) lit before me and a dog sitting by my feet. Not any dog, of course, but Geronimo (by Albarosa). Let it rain.

Dovecote Decor said...

Anything Loro Piana!! I didn't know about Cinelli, thanks for head's up!

Liz said...

I loved every part of the day in this post, but especially the reversible trench, how unique!

annechovie said...

Albarosa, You know how to make the best of Winter! I like the way you think. Also, that's a very cool story about your friend designing the Queen's silhouette for coins. Thanks for the sweet comment - you're terrific! xx

kathi said...

I love the puffy quilt! I'm just starting a project with a client and we are making several bed covering. They will be spectacular, linen and velvet with metallic flanges. Please keep checking back..............If you have any interest in doing "projects" please let me know.........distance is not a problem.
Thanks so much for the comment on my blog today, it's much appreciated.

Karena said...


I adore the mirrored divider /heater, brlliant.

The reversible trench is me!!

Art by Karena

pve design said...

Oh you have what I call "ying yang" with an Italian that fireplace and all those fashions.
Hope you are cozy and well,

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