Friday, January 23, 2015

Once upon a time…

Most beautiful stories of our childhood start in a castle and today we dream a little while we are visiting the Chateau de Varennes, in the Burgundy region of France.  After extensive renovation the château is now a place for grand events or just for relaxing and pretend to be a Princess for a day.


Inside the castle every room has superb details, as in this sitting room with the inlaid parquet, the delicate paintings above the double doors, the elaborate stucco on the ceiling, the exquisite white marble fireplace…

The Princess is having tea while waiting for her dreams to come true.


A different marble for this fireplace, a Murano chandelier, a modern glass coffee table and antique chairs make the room very inviting and precious.

What is the Princess reading? A manual on how to cook?


One of the suites in the Chateau de Varennes has ivory wall paint and an elaborate gilded molding. The 18th century sofa in orange silk velvet is part of the family’s collection of antiques.

The Princess is still trying to decide what to wear!


1-23-15 7-53-45 PM

Another suite has silver-mauve wallpaper and the soft furnishing and accessories play with pink, lilac, purple, silver. I particularly like the two shades of silk for the rich draperies.

Too bad we can’t spy on what is on the desk…

love letters or only bills to be paid?

More antiques in a corridor.

The Princess is ready to go downstairs and meet her destiny.


1-23-15 7-54-52 PM

Antique tapestry and interesting marble stairs

where it is better not to lose a Louboutin  slipper.


1-23-15 7-57-10 PM

But while Prince Charming is waiting for her… the Princess indulges enjoying breakfast in the garden…

Will she ever be ready for him?

The story (may) continue!


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