Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Are you dandy?

“I am Dandy. The Return of the Elegant Gentleman” is a new photographic book published by Gestalten with text by Nathaniel Adams and splendid  photography by Rose Callahan.

The book documents the life (and lifestyle) of contemporary dandies, from different countries, cultures and social levels. They are designers, musicians, stylists,  teachers, lawyers…photographed at home or in their favorite public places.

Well groomed, velvet slippers at home, eccentric accessories, soft gloves, three pieces suits, cufflinks,  immaculate handkerchiefs, always accurate choices in wardrobe and in interior decoration, the lifestyle of a dandy is elegant and unique, he does not follow trends, he creates them.
“Live life as a work of art” is their motto.
The interiors of their homes are personalized with images of the past, collection of art, not necessarily expensive but certainly pleasing the eye, objects of desire. Often textiles are luscious velvets, linen, always natural fabric…accompanied by the use of wood and leather. Contemporary pieces of furniture live together with vintage and antiques, colors are vibrant or subtle but always unexpected.

Exquisite china, proper manners, every detail counts.

Everything in the dandy’s life is studied to create an atmosphere  always  attracting and inspiring and yes, they love to entertain.

Are you?
This post is dedicated to all the dandies I know, in real life and in virtual life. Scot, Mitch, Grant, Philip, Luchino, Hutton, Barry, Barnaba, and so many others…I hope you recognize yourself and send a comment my way! Perhaps you can also tell me what makes you a “Dandy”.
Now talking about gender or no gender: what would be an appropriate term for dandy ladies? Is there such a thing without dressing in men suits?
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