Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Take a Walk on the Rugway


A few months ago I came across a Blog:  Doris Leslie Blau, written by rugrumination, and just the name made me smile. The Blog talks about interior design and styling and presents the point of view of Doris Leslie Blau firm, based in New York but famous internationally for their diverse selection of the highest quality antique carpets and exclusive custom designed rugs.

In the article, which I saved in my folders, it was intriguing to see how the texture and design of the rugs work just as well in fashion. So as their tagline says: "Take a Walk on the Rugway!"

Spring is near…


Rebecca Minkoff dress

Rebecca Minkoff dress and a Samarkand Rug, circa 1880


An Irish Rug designed by CFA Voysey 1920

Emerson dress and an Irish Rug designed by CFA Voysey, circa 1920


Art Deco Rug circa1930

Lela Rose dress  and an Art Deco Rug, circa 1930


Honor dress

Honor dress  and a Persian Tabriz Rug, circa 1900


Altuzarra outfit

Altuzarra outfit  and  Metal Blue Ombre Rug.

Interior design, fashion, style…are so often connected and I hope you’ll love these matches by Doris Leslie Blau as much as I did.

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