Saturday, November 9, 2013

The joy of cooking Italian style

I was recently in Seattle, WA, accompanying  my friend Interior designer Alda Pereira for a presentation and training for the Italian company Bertazzoni, famous internationally for beautiful and functional gas ranges, cooktops, ovens, ventilation hoods and accessories.

I discovered not only a great technology for cooking with electric, gas or dual fuel ranges with clean lines, balanced proportions, and functional, ergonomic design but also beautiful colors contrasting elegantly with the stainless-steel worktop and hoods to create a really distinguished style in the kitchen.
I fell in love with the cast brass burner top and I was excited to find one when I came home with a bag of complimentary items and material.
What intrigued me was also that the colors are applied using special processes developed for the luxury automobile industry, Rosso Ferrari was the starting point.

The event was hosted by Monde Home Products, a distributor of premium home appliances throughout the Northwestern United States and Western Canada, presentation and training ended with a delicious dinner, which was baked in Bertazzoni ovens.
I have to say at times I was a little distracted by the aroma of huge baking pans of lasagna, and the flavor and taste was equally delicious.
Not to mention the gorgeous to look at, and delightful to taste, special cake… did I say taste? I now admit I had two slices.
You can too cook Italian style with Bertazzoni!
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