Saturday, December 7, 2013

Contemporary art in a 17th century home.

This is a stunning apartment in Milan, the building has centuries of history, but the furnishing and art collection are contemporary, a perfect example of how to blend different styles and periods.  On the table a sculpture by Marc Quinn.

One of my favorite artists, the Anglo-Indian Anish Kapoor, created the vivid blue disc you can see in the entry hall, as many other works by him this one also reflects as a mirror. On the antique credenza a work by Francesco Vezzoli…what a scenography and magic atmosphere.

On the antique console table a photograph by Vanessa Beecroft

In the living room some beautiful romantic pink flowers give a different touch to an otherwise stark choice of furniture.

Another living has a large, so comfortable tufted sofa, with an impressive oil painting by Kate Thyson above. I also love the wallpaper and the herringbone wood floor.

A blue neon light, a work by Tracy Emin, harmonize with the portrait by Julien Opie, the large sofa help to relax the eye with its monochrome textile.

A vignette of the kitchen with a splendid round table and contemporary steel stools. I find the grey on the wall a perfect backdrop, specially for its irregular brush strokes. Notice the carved double doors.

Another surprise…the bathroom with old wood floor, salmon hue sponge-painted walls, an antique armchair and a stand alone tub. It looks like a living room!

The large and functional kitchen, with stainless steel, Carrara marble, reclaimed cotto floor.

A Mao portrait by Yan-Pei Ming, a Chinese artist the owner started to collect years ago, before he became famous. Obviously the Milanese art collector has a great eye for finding exceptional works of art. Decorating is her hobby, and it shows in the attention to details and the, at times daring, but always elegant choices!
Photography by Barbara Corsico
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