Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Decorator Showcase

Browsing through the Blog Habitually Chic I was reminded of the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in New York, scheduled for April, 2009, unfortunately not on my plans so far.
But fortunately last year I went to San Francisco for the Decorator Showcase (and to visit the city's huge Design Center) and I came back very inspired and charged, with many memories and a number of pictures taken with my little digital (which I use solely for business).
The mansion was built in 1905 for the Grace family, in the Pacific Heights, anticipated cost for building was $ 12,200!
The house (about 16,000 sq.feet) is now totally renovated for its present owners, anticipated cost for renovation...you guess! 
Here are some examples of Interior decorating, I wish I took more pictures but I was mesmerized by the whole experience.

                                                                        * * *
In the living room some contemporary art, mixed with Versailles style ceiling, opulent textiles, lighting and wall treatment. A reinterpretation of a ballroom. The grey tones are super elegant.
Project by Geoffrey De Sousa
                             San Francisco 089

   Note the butterflies a la Damien Hirst, adding a touch of contemporary.      
                                                                            San Francisco 091

In the basement a huge family-media room, whimsical and cheerful, hip and modern.
                                                            San Francisco 009

Sorry but I could not resist to add this photo, taken from the stairs descending into the family-media room. I was stunned to see that figure and for a second I thought it was an installation...
(too much contemporary art in my mind)

                                                       San Francisco 006

One of the many guests bedrooms, very relaxing feeling (as it should be) and again modern and antiques blending together.
San Francisco 003

"His" bathroom, with a gorgeous espresso glass tiles, of unusual size, encompassing an entire wall, wrapping around in the shower enclosure. Tiles, mirrors and glass by Paige Glass.
                             San Francisco 093

 More on "His" luxurious bathroom: richly decadent masculine luxuries. Playing with mirrors creates a dramatic effect, but can't avoid the photographer being reflected!
Project by Hershon-Hartley; Ottoman by William Switzer; Sconces by Donghia
                             San Francisco 094

A wonderful hue was chosen for "Her" dressing room, unapologetically feminine.
                             San Francisco 100 San Francisco 101
Several outdoor areas including a huge terrace with a panoramic view of the Bay (and a collection of contemporary art complementing the view rather than competing wit it).
                         San Francisco 107 San Francisco 102

A sleek, well equipped kitchen and a living room "en plein air" . Big, Bold, Fun!
Furniture by Restoration Hardware. Project by Sean Weatherhill
                                                    San Francisco 109

The courtyard in the back, with a clever use of frosted glass panels to create interesting layers
                              San Francisco 008

                             San Francisco 012
San Francisco Decorator Showcase to be held again in May, 2009.


Meade Design Group said...

I really enjoyed some of the moments on the pictures. I also loved the mix of contemporary with traditional and the butterflies are so much fun.

Cool entry!

Colour Me Happy said...

So beautiful, and that back yard deck area wow! Thanks for sharing it with us!

pve design said...

I love the outdoor space, perhaps after this winter, I simply long for a tranquil outdoor spot to read, listen to nature, do a little entertaining and catch some rest.
Thanks for the tour.

michelle said...

I think we are all dreaming of being outside at this point!!!
LOL...the spaces inspire lounging and reading thoughts.

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