Thursday, March 19, 2009

What every garden should have

Today I am going to explore the world of Outdoor lights
Let's start with these gorgeous, living room like, floor lamps
with shade made of woven PVC, with direct and diffused light.
Of course the lamps are treated for every kind of weather.

"Superarchimoon" by Philippe Starck for Flos

Then these cute lights hanging from a tree.
"Podlens" by Luceplan look like flower buds between leaves.
Fluorescent bulbs, energy efficient, totally safe in any weather conditions.

"Flora" by Fontana Arte (company founded in 1932 by Gio' Ponti), is inspired by nature forms, the base is almost invisible to make it look like a flower coming out from the ground.
The "Clover" chair is by Ron Arad for Driade

"Verdeluce" by Artemide
The designer's idea was to have Light diffused through greenery, a vase with the possibility
of automatic watering for the plant inside.

 "Comma" by Artemide becomes also a support tutor for plants and creates suggestive images of
chiaro-scuro (light and shade).

"Vas-one" designed by Luisa Bocchietto for Serralunga collection has fluorescent lights
coming through the big vase which,for safety reasons, is sealed at the top but still
can contain a small amount of soil

Tulip/S and Tulip/XL by Myyour are fun and versatile since they have various sizes (from 40 to 150 cm.) and can be used as table or floor lamps, indoor or outdoor. They also come in green, orange, lilac and red.

"Waterproof" by Handres Serrano for Spanish company Metalarte, created for water, ideal for a pool.
They create great atmosphere and mystery.            09_b_outdoor

Which one would you like to have?                    


Patricia Gray said...

What a great round up of outdoor lights. I love the clover chair in your 3rd photo.

Brillante Home Decor said...

Hi Patricia,
The chair is by Driade ( and it is sold also at Inform in Vancouver (as well as the SuperArchimoon light)

Colour Me Happy said...

Oh wow, completely stunning! I love this post! You are so great!

Meade Design Group said...

I love the exterior tolomeo lamps - and the drop ones are also really neat.

This is a very creative entry - really cool and original post.

Michelle said...

love them all...especially the first one! The glowing chairs are amazing!

LexyB said...

What a gorgeously inspiring post! I love it.

qerat said...

I would like to have ALL of them :)
The first one to me is the winner.

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