Saturday, March 7, 2009

French Country Antiques

I know...I am supposed to talk about Italian design, but I always keep an eye on beautiful things made all over the world.
                                        Beauty is international, transnational and universal.


                               France...well, is renowned for its elegance and esprit de vivre.

I want to remind you all that soon Sherry Killam and Mamie Angus at French Country Antiques will bring to Vancouver the latest shipment of french "marveilles".
Furniture, object d'art, lighting all chosen with great taste.
Even Rodney Graham's "Torqued chandelier" was bought at their showroom. (the chandelier was part of the Whitney Museum Biennial 2006 installation).
Sherry is also an accomplished artist who I met years ago through shared passion for photography.
I have always admired her talent, her spirit, her passion for art and for life.
Larry and Sherry Killam house is a relocated 17th century barn that they converted into an elegant, modern house



Inside and out it is an absolute French Dream.

Photography by Janis Nicolay in "Gardening Life" Magazine


Patricia Gray said...

Please let me know when Sherry and Mamie's collection arrives. I would love to see it.

Sherry said...

Hi Albarosa

Thanks so much for putting us on your blog! We really appreciate it.


Colour Me Happy said...

I love all things french! And the smell of lavender!

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