Sunday, March 29, 2009

A White House

A refined residence in Genoa, playing with abstraction and decoration, designed by architect Antonio Lagorio.  Opening its door is like entering a dream, all white inside, with the exception of a "Schiaparelli Pink" panel. 
On the white floor emerges a vintage stool upholstered in fuchsia colour.               

On the ceilings of the apartment the Liberty flowers decorations were isolated and they are now free from the old ornate background so they can float like abstracts in pure white.  Black and steel vintage furniture on total white:  Wassili Chairs by Marcel Breuer.
A Mid Century low table with mirrored top by the talented Eileen Gray.

 Two vintage chairs, a 16th Century oil painting, modern artisan glass vases add a touch of colour.

The dining room features a piece made of Oak veneer, from the 50's


The eyes wander along the corridor, with the study at the end, a sequence of sliding doors in
lacquered white wood and opaline glass.

 The definition of the space forces you to stop and look at details.

A touch of colour also in the Guests bathroom: walls are orange yellow resin.  A whimsical touch is given by the "Gnome" table by Philippe Starck for Kartell

In the guests room, the walking closet is minimalist, created only by a horizontal plain and a vertical divider.

Another neutral divider between hall and living and a low table  made of black crystal designed by Lagorio.                  
                       A minimalist approach for a white almost surreal dream House.

Photography by Ernesta Caviola


Maria Killam said...

That is definitely minimalism at it's best! Who can have a closet like that! Something to strive for, that's for sure. I liked the first photo, it looked so dramatic walking into this all white space!

DesignTies said...

I really like how all the items in the home stand out against the white. It's like everything is a piece of art and has importance in the space.

Kelly @ DesignTies

Mrs B said...

I have never seen a house like it! Photo after photo of the most exqusite spaces with just a hint of colour. My eyes kept being drawn to the ceiling with all those intricate patterns/artwork. The first picture is just breathtaking...imagine coming up to the front steps and having a peek through the door. Wonderful pictures!

Mrs B

pve design said...

simply chic~

gatherings home said...

Stunning pictures! I love the look of these white interiors...especially when black is thrown in the mix!

Maria Killam said...

Albarosa! Thanks so much for your congrats! And for telling me what that sofa was, I so appreciate the experience and knowledge of my blogger friends!

Michelle said...

to live like this must be so free-ing. I can only imagine the lifestyle that goes along with it. Thanks for sharing!

Maria Killam said...

You're tagged then!! Get posting!

Red River Interiors: said...

love the black doors against the shiny white floor in the top pic..great contrast... Fay

qerat said...

everything is floating
everything looks so clean and crisp, you can see the details and enjoy the beautiful pieces.

Chuck Gniech said...

Beautiful space... Being a artist/painter, all of the walls in our home are white as well, but our home is not quite as minimalist as this space. I actually find it useful to use our white walls much like a gallery. As the seasons—or my mood—change, I move work to create a "new" room. The color of the walls never seem to dictate the content of the space.

Deana said...

White is beautiful! the white house is giving an impression of calmness and peace all around though built in a large area. Still looks stunning. no feel of blankness

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