Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Timeless House in Tuscany

A house, sometimes, can become a work of art, even through mistakes... when details create the whole image and when feelings are more important than reason.
                                                                A house with an ancient soul.


This is the story of a 16th century house, situated in Tuscany, with a 14th century adjoining tower.
The house was restored in 18th century and again recently by Architect Roberto Baciocchi.
A walk through time where walls are built with memories, where the past creates the present.
Furniture are chosen not because they are fashionable or current in style but only with passion  and personal taste.

                                     Alternating antiques, mid-century and contemporary pieces 


                 The marble mantle, neoclassic style as a background to the "Egg" chair by Arne Jacobsen


Perfect match of Eero Saarinen's table and chairs with Ovalia big chair and suspended  light made with horns. The Etruscan well is still functioning.


The wardrobe is furnished with a Sicilian L shape table, two gorgeous chairs designed by Gio' Ponti in  1950 and a wardrobe closet designed by Baciocchi. 

The red Room with a velvet sofa from 1940 and the ceiling "a botte" probably from the 18th century.

Soft jellow on the walls give light to the master bedroom and to the gorgeous family's heirloom bed

  An antique french cast iron tub and "Nesso" lamp by Artemide on the Sicilian chest of drawers.
  The chair with horns is typical of the eclectic style of the end of 1800, the rug is contemporary.


  A concrete counter in the kitchen and a custom made piece in stainless steel and glass on the left.


                             Stairs made of "pietra serena" frequently used in Tuscany also for columns.
                               At the bottom the console, the mirror and objects are all baroque style.

                                     A walk through centuries, a truly lived in and still well alive Home!


Maria Killam said...

Wow that living room is beautiful and the red bathtub, very cool. Thanks for the tour!

Peg said...

Albarosa - this is one of the dreamiest interiors I have ever seen - is it friends of yours? Did you take the pics? It is SO eccentric and wonderful - thanks for sharing it ...Love,peg

Meade Design Group said...

Odd combination of Materials versus space - I have to say that some moments work other feel out of place but the patina of the building is main actor here. Thanks for the tour!

Cote de Texas said...

Maria would love it!!!! SO beautiful = I LOVE the bathtub. let's go!!

thanks for your comment tonight!

Home Interior Designer said...

Exceptional images. The colours, tones and shapes are quite stunning. Thanks for showing.

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