Saturday, March 14, 2009

A House on Como Lake

                                          This is a House I can make my home any time.
A 1960 house renovated by a Milanese architect who spends week-ends there to relax from the busy city life.  Milan is less than an hour away from the lake.


I always loved wisteria and I would plant it everywhere if I was not afraid of its potent roots, but luckily I had wisterias in my previous houses and fond memories of reading books under its canopy while sheltered from the rain (so thick it can be) or from the sun, at the same time surrounded by that subtle,sweet scent.


It took the owners a few years to renovate this house and bring modern comfort to it without altering its nature.
The original architectural details were left intact and even acquired more visual impact, like the veranda, the old windows and doors.

Below is the view from one bedroom. My sister's holiday house is just across the lake, in Moltrasio, where I often spend some relaxing times when in Milan.  Versace's mansion and Clooney's house are just a few minutes away from hers!

A beautiful contrast between the old stones in the garden and the ..."stark", contemporary sofa (Bubble by Philippe Starck for Kartell, founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli).

 The owner's  strong personality and eclectic taste allowed him to decorate in a unique way, without compromise.  Table light on the mantel "Wo-Tum-Bu" by Ingo Maurer, table by Saarinen for Knoll.

Another view of the garden, which took shape along the years and now taken care of mostly by the owners themselves.

                                              I would feel at home in this house, would you?


Patricia Gray said...

It looks like a little piece of HEAVEN. I think I could be very happy there.

Michelle said...

I just want to step into these pictures and enjoy a nice latte! I am getting travel itchy after reading this post.

Mrs B said...

I could almost smell the scent of the garden, what a wonderful house and surrounds.These pictures have brightened my Monday morning with dreams of travelling overseas.
Mrs B

Meade Design Group said...

Can I move there with you? That is a beautiful place - I wish to have a weekend home like that.

Colour Me Happy said...

Breathtaking! I am adding this post to the list of favourites I am collecting! So beautiful! Where did you find such stunning photos!

Jorge said...


I`m mailling you to invite to visit my blog. , and if you agree we can exhange links.
I copy a photo of kartell bubble to put in 4udecor blog I hope you don`t mind.
Congratulations for your brillant work.

Best Regards,

Jorge Neves

Judith. Santa Fe said...

The contrast between the Starck sofa and those crumbling stone walls ---


Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

Looking out the window and seeing the lush garden full of wisteria was heaven for me! The view and the balcony railing grabbed my attention as well and....

Linda in AZ * said...

* HOW? HOW? HOW does ANYONE E*V*E*R leave ANYTHING so incredibly & authentically HEARTWARMING? It's beyond me...

Several times I was reminded of my very FAVORITE MOVIE of all time~~~~ "An Affair to Remember", w/ Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr... & the house Cary Grant's Grandmother lived in... ahhhhhhhhhhh, now THAT was a LIFE well lived!

Breathtaking~~~ Am so apreciative of your finding & sharing these pics!

Linda in AZ*

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