Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Style

I was tagged by Maria from "Colour Me Happy" and challenged to choose only one image
(pretty difficult task) that could represent my style.
This is my choice of a room reflecting what I would love to accomplish as an Interior Decorator.
The designer is one of my favorites: countess Muriel Brandolini d'Adda, who says she can't draw, she has no clue about a floor plan but instinct is her guide.
She also said in an interview :"If I had to describe my style I would have to stop working".
Whimsical but not precious, often things are not matching, nothing is boring, always a collision of colours and textures.
A cocktail of nationalities made her the artist she is today: Vietnamese, Venezuelan and French, plus married for many years to an Italian count (did you think for a moment I was not mentioning Italy this time?)... her whole life is reflected in her style.
                           Eclectic supreme!

Muriel brandolini

What I love about this room is the feeling of intimacy and the mystery of what can be behind the divider, the choice of soothing, calming colours with the golden accent in the middle, the contrast between the antique chairs and the contemporary table and the texture of the rug in juxtaposition with the smooth shiny satin.
As much as I love art on the walls, this room does not need art because every piece is art itself.


The Editor said...

yes - this is a glorious intuitive room - so lacking in artifice - a work of art on its own - keep it coming....Peg

Michelle said...

This is definately you in "room form" Albarosa...edited, elegant and refined, but not too stuffy. The best...just like you :)

Maybe I will play this game...and find an image that represents my style...that must have been very difficult!!

Maria Killam said...

Stunning room, it's always so great to see what everyone posts. Of course we already have your style on my blog - it's so beautiful!

Brillante Home Decor said...

Peg, I love the way you write...
Michelle and Maria, thanks for the compliments, I am flattered.

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