Friday, April 24, 2009

"Oh Man, it's a Ray" at "I Saloni"

Euroluce, now in its 25th edition, is the eagerly awaited International lighting exhibition, embracing technological and formal innovation, part of I Saloni (International Furniture Fair 2009 in Milan).
525 companies represents during this week a complete panorama of everything to do with lighting, from alternative sources to new technologies, control systems, solutions to solve light pollution in big cities, lights for streets and public spaces and of course new ways to give light to our homes.
Many pieces presented at Euroluce are just prototypes and they will be ready for the public only in the Fall of 2009. But we can start appreciating some images right now:

Ingo Maurer: vivid colours and contemporary shapes

"Lacrime del Pescatore" A fishnet, water and crystal teardrops, a fascinating prototype by Maurer. Enclosed in a cobalt blue space, diffuses a magic light while the liquid creates a soothing background.

"Oh Man, it's a Ray" can someone be more iconoclastic and ironic than Ingo? a prototype installation very light and luminous with a fun name.

Barovier e Toso "Samurai" table and ceiling lamps (this model is from 1966 and it was reproduced for I Saloni)

Firme di Vetro has a 1400 square meter space, lighted by the new "Reed" made of fascinating
 transparent cylinders.

Karim Rashid, after much pink now uses lavender colours for his lightings.

"Le Soleil" by Vicente Garcia Jimenez for Foscarini, will be in stores in the fall.

"Tolomeo XXL" by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina for Artemide becomes a giant to be able to go outdoor.

If other companies gave also importance to the installation for Euroluce, Flos major focus was only on the product.

The following lights are all by Flos:

"Wall Flower" by Marcel Wanders, like a constellation on the wall.

"Teca" is a homage to the classic abat-jour by Ron Gilad. The metal tag is the switch.
Conceptual art?

"Full Moon" by Tim Derhaag recreates an eclipse inside your house

"Euphorbia" by Patricia Urquiola for the outdoor.

Light is changing. Change the light.

Photography by Filippo Lamberghi

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Maria Killam said...

Those lights are very interesting. I don't know if I'd stick that large Artemedie light outside, I'm so used to seeing it in it's smaller, cute designer version!

sofasogood said...

Hi thanks for forwarding your blogspot. I got a real kick out of it . I think its amazing actually and I am going to try and get to it every week and some of the others you refer to also , they are all very informative .It becomes addictive. Your site really takes me back to Italy. Ciao Barbara

Michelle said...

I love the large scale floor lamp...and love FLOS. As always, a lesson in style, thanks!


Meade Design Group - Iván Meade said...

Samurai - It's my favourite and the gigant Tolomeo. I wish I had one in my studio that could be so much fun.

loan modification said...

Wow! the eclipse lamps really looks good!

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