Thursday, April 2, 2009

French Country Antiques II

                 What a beautiful evening I spent browsing at the opening of
         Sherry Killam and Mamie Angus' annual show of French Country Antiques.

               French Country 100
They are actually much more beautiful in real life! We should blame the photographer (in the mirror) but wait... actually he graciously obliged to our request, so many thanks are due.

If you live in Vancouver area, even if at opening night a great deal of items has left from the front door...
                                    French Country 096

...there will be still an excellent selection of furniture, objects, linens, mirrors, chandeliers and much more all carefully chosen in France with impeccable taste, shipped to Vancouver and displayed with the usual superb style in a warehouse at
33 East 3rd street (throughout April, check French Country Antiques for details)

                                                French Country 030

                                                         French Country 041

                                                   French Country 052

                                                    French Country 053

                                             French Country 055

                                            French Country 058

                                                           French Country 059

                                                      French Country 078

                                                             French Country 088

                   French Country 050

                                                           French Country 079

                                                           French Country 090

                                                           French Country 097

                      French Country 086

               French Country 085

               French Country 080

                                           Once a year event, not to be missed.

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qerat said...

seems like a beautiful evening.
Seems like there were a lot of nice chandeliers.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your evening with us Albarosa...I'll have to go and check it out. Those chandeliers are amazing!


M said...

FAB! And I love that Maria statue in the first picture behind those three beautiful ladies.

Maria Killam said...

I need to go there, that was wonderful! I would so love to get together with you to figure out my header, your colour sense would be fabulous!!

Cote de Texas said...

omg!!! I am hyperventilating!!! Everything is SOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you too for your sweet comment today!

coleen said...


LOVE the blog – thank you!!


custardbydesign said...

what a great seems like you had a great evening...

there are so many things in that store that tickled my fancy...

the little red cow skulls...i want one!!!

really enjoyed browsing through your blog posts today...i will be back

Meade Design Group said...

What a great event! Albarosa - Thanks for sharing.

Also many thanks for your constant support on our blog - Beyoncé concert was amazing - It was a very rushed trip I didn't have time to do anything else, but I hope to have the time to see in my next trip to the big city.

Isabel loves design said...

Wonderful place Albarosa, I loved to see your photo with friends, looked like a grate outing.

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