Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Fine Balance

    This is how I feel today!

I am fairly new at Blogging and today I needed to stop for a moment and think ...
 Who am I talking to?
Are you listening to me or become easily distracted, annoyed, bored?

sidelongglance Robert Doisneau

 I have noticed a steady growth in my audience but I need to know:
"Am I giving you information and resources that are helpful, practical and relevant?"
Or... scary thought..."am I just polluting the blogosphere?"

-  I truly love to talk about Italian Design but is it interesting to a mostly North American audience?
-  I truly love to present Italian Designers and Decorators ideas but are they too far
   to reach and to be appreciated here?
-  I truly love to talk about Milan...and nobody can stop me on that!

Elliott Erwitt  Elliott Erwitt

Please let me know your honest opinion, I will accept (even if I will not follow...) any constructive comments to find my "Fine Blogging Balance".
Yours truly.


The Editor said...

I look forward to your blog. It always contains something out of the ordinary that makes me think (and sometimes unfortunately to WANT!)I love your taste - a wonderfully poet mix of grand and humble, elegant and unpredictable and sadly it is something we don't get to see very often in North America where 'purchasing power' often outstrips taste.
I love the Italian content as I want to be a citizen of the world and am stuck here in one place!
It is always thrilling to peek inside other peoples homes and you take us inside residences that seem real and lived in rather than staged or designed for show.
Keep it up I say....Peg

Carol Ann said...

I love your blog...keep on keeping on, just be you...I think that is what it is all about.
My blog is only 1 month old and has nothing but I have been to busy with clients to finish up and take pictures of my place and get the client floor plans posted, but I love all the blogs that I look at and make the time to look and enjoy them...I will get on track with mine soon...Anyway, thanks for all your great blogs...Regards, CAM

Maria Killam said...

I love the Italian slant to your posts, I feel like I'm in Italy over here, not to mention what a talented designer you and which comes through each post!!

pve design said...

I have learned that whatever you are passionate about is where you find a balance and most enjoyment.
Italy, design, an edge, a softness, a sensitivity to all things shows up in your blog. Trust in your self and the rest will follow.

Ingrid in Umbria said...


Interesting! Telepathy. I am in the same brown study myself. Who would be interested in my corner of the world? Everyone seems to be hooked on France/Provence. And, yet, Italy has so many interesting facets. AND original design!

I do like yours posts, and I have just added your blog to my list. Keep on giving your blog "your touch"! Bacione e buon week-end! Ingrid in Umbria.
P.s. Your photo illustrations are just lovely!

annechovie said...

I think your blog has a ditinct voice that is refreshing - love the Italian features. Keep up the great work and have an excellent weekend!

makemineeclectic said...

I love your blog. I think it is interesting and has great inspiration!

Brillante Home Decor said...

Carol Ann..."Just be you" is a great advice;

Maria...I am glad you are virtually (for now) travelling with me;

Patricia..."passion about what we write" how true!;

Ingrid... Italy is also on the Top list here in North America and I will continue to give my Blog "my touch";

Anne..."a distinct voice"? wow

Small town girl...I love your enthusiasm

To all... a big Thank You for taking the time to comment.
You made my day.

Patricia Gray said...

Albarosa you write fantastic posts. I always love your Italian slant on things. It is so you, just keep being you!!

qerat said...

Love your blog
You posts are informative and you are only making mornings brighter :) not polluting.
Keep it up. I for one look forward to your posts about whatever your heart desires.

Brillante Home Decor said...

Patricia...Thanks for your encouragement. You are a big part of my Blog, it all started with you and Peg, I am just following your steps girls!

Tareq...I am looking forward to YOUR Posts too, thanks for your kind words.

Meade Design Group said...

I believe uniqueness is the key to succeed. I love the fact that you present the best of italian design. No offense to other countries in the world, but I think italians have a superior understanding of design, except Versace (lol) a bit too new rich for me.

Anyhow I think you are in the right track - Love your entries and I always learn something new - what else can I ask for?

I know it is a bit frustrating to find the voice that works for everybody and the voice that works for you. But your voice Albarosa definitely speaks to me.

Love your work!

Brillante Home Decor said...

Ivan... you know how much I love your Blog and your work, so coming from you the compliments are really precious to me.

Peg...what can I say, I am flattered and happy that you inspired me with your Blog (when I met you I did not even know how to spell blog...)and your curiosity for life. Grazie!

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