Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sweet and Old Lace

From fashion to Interior design, the romantic and transparent decor for a style at the same time light and traditional.
"Prada pizzo S"... laces everywhere was one choice for a recent Prada collection

"Lily Lace" chair designed by Droor Benshetrit and produced by BBB Emmebonacina, seduction and purity, already at Museum of Arts and Design in New York


 Light comes through laces.  Elegant when the light is off and precious when the light is on.
By Gualtiero Sacchi for Viabizzuno

 "Antonietta" by Alessandra Pasetti for Pianca. Thin like a lace doilies this small metal enameled table,
sewn with a laser.

 "Miss Lacy" by Philippe Starck for Driade. Retro style in stainless steel, polished by hand to make
 it sparkle like a jewel. Romantic and feminine as its name.
 "La Nonna" by Romolo Stanca for Nonesiste. Realized in one piece of glass with glued on decorations, evokes familiar memories.

 "Siena" by Corrado Dotti is a china pattern which plays with irony and ends being
an object of  refined elegance.

 "Crinoline" by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia.
Urquiola was born in Spain but graduated at Milan Polytechnic University with a thesis mentored by Achille Castiglioni.   Since then she is living and working in Milan and is now one of the big names of the world of design.
The chair below shows she can be the queen of laces for her ability to design patterns of extraordinary elegance for every material she uses.
Another Post on her will follow soon.


trendoffice said...

I have a similar collection, too:)


- the 'lace trend' is one of my favorite trends in the last years.

qerat said...

Beautiful post of beautiful pieces.
They are all very creative. I love it when you take something old and put it out of context to create something almost totally new !!

Dana said...

beautiful post; like the images alot. Best are the black lights and the lace sofa in black.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces, love the chair by Philipe Starck.

Meade Design Group said...

Fantastic pieces and as always another great entry. I really like the laser cut side tables and the china is stunning!

Patricia Gray said...

I love the lace look. So feminine and nostalgic in a completly modern genre.
Wishing you a Happy Easter!!

Michelle said...

I love this entry Albarosa! And the beautiful lace curtains in your bedroom in Italy as well ;)

This modern interpretation of lace is what Italian design is all about; in my opinion.


Sandi said...

I found your post while searching for lace doilies. What a beautiful collection of pieces. Thank you for sharing!

Cote de Texas said...

I love this post - I especially love the first picture of the dress - my daughter would kill for that !!!!

Anonymous said...

A lightbulb just went off above my head - thanks for the inspiration!

pve design said...

On my wedding day, I went to visit my grandmother who was in the hospital after a fall, she never commented on my dress, but told my mother that she thought my dress "needed some lace." My dress was very streamlined - and if I did it all over, I think to please Grandma, I would have it made entirely of lace.
Lace does have an old connotation, but in these designs - it is modern and and ingenious.

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