Friday, February 27, 2009

A Loft in Milan

Milan (or could it be New York?)
A basic scheme of colours, white as milk, brown as cocoa

and a dramatic (not for the unfit...) set of concrete stairs to link three levels

 White is used also for the concrete floor for a  minimalist approach, all furniture is custom designed

 Refreshing colours, clean lines for the bathroom


Another view of the stairs and a glimpse of the owner's collection of contemporary art.
A beautiful Loft, an interesting Project by Alessandra Badoer

Photography by Cristina Fiorentini


Meade Design Group said...

Stunning! I wish we didn't have all that code in Canada - I would love to have those concrete stairs in my home.

Dale said...

What a beautiful loft. The stairs are gorgeous...but wouldn't want to try to navigate them after a few drinks!

DesignTies said...

The concrete stairs are totally cool. I would hurt myself on them every day if they were in my house, but they're sure nice to look at!!

Great use of space the way the kitchen is tucked under the staircase.

Kelly @ DesignTies

Albarosa Simonetti said...

Yes...the stairs are gorgeous and at the same time highly dangerous. I have vertigo just looking at them, but they are definetely a big statement in this loft.

michelle said...

I love the stairs Albarosa! Ivan's right though, code is so strict here with handrails and such...even nosings!

I love the way the interior elements all relate to each other, and seem to wrap around other functions.

This loft is so Italian, and so beautiful! I'd love to live there.

laughingsalmon said...

Cool loft...but I'm a bit freaked out like some others on the stairs...I'd have to go up and down on all fours...

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