Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Home Decor Fornasetti's Style

I have written already on Piero Fornasetti last November.
While recently in Milan I went, as always, to see what was new.
Dec. 08 Jan. 09 508
Talking to the manager I heard that soon they will be moving to another location, bigger and more visible.
The present one in via Manzoni is in fact inside a courtyard and beyond an ornate wrought iron gate, so you really need to know where to go.
As usual I was feeling happy just to be there, surrounded by such a whimsical array of decorations.
I sat on this sofa...
Dec. 08 Jan. 09 506
...and flipped through the beautiful Book of Wallpapers created by Fornasetti (Cole &Son production)
Another tour of the showroom, while still chatting
Dec. 08 Jan. 09 504
Dec. 08 Jan. 09 505
Dec. 08 Jan. 09 507
Then I left while Ivano was saying "Arrivederci" closing the door...and "See you again" will be!
Dec. 08 Jan. 09 511


Colour Me Happy said...

I love those mirrors! What a great store, thanks for the tour!

Meade Design Group said...

I love the chubby sun in the front door and the malaquite wall paper and everything you can see there. I have been fan of Fornsaetti for 15 years.

columnist said...

You promised more Fornasetti, and these new produts are wonderful. I particularly like the vases. But all of it actually, and the hard bit would be not to overdo it!

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