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“I do not believe in eras or times. I do not. I refuse to establish the value of things based on time.”
Piero Fornasetti
Yes... it was Fornasetti's kitchen the one on my previous post Can you guess whose house is this? and most of you have guessed right, as you can see from the several comments at the bottom of the previous post.
The first one to give the right answer was Jenni from Australia, who describes herself as an amateur of design. Well, congratulations Jenni, you have knowledge and a good eye!
kitchen 02
Here is the kitchen of my previous post with so many clues leading to its famous owners. Strato Cucine prototype kitchen with “Farfalle” decoration, on the floor ceramic tiles “Ultime Notizie” by Ceramica Bardelli and on the wall “Brindisi” wall clock (out of production).
But let's talk about this fascinating house in Milan, which was built by Piero Fornasetti's parents at the end of 1800 and where this poliedric artist, painter, sculptor, interior decorator and much more lived all his life and now home for his son Barnaba who perpetuates the Fornasetti tradition by continuing to create fabulous furniture and accessories.
If you go to Fornasetti website you could also admire more images of this house and find descriptions as the following:
" Like a labyrinth, the house is made up of a complex and intricate network of rooms and corridors.The family home became a canvas for Piero’s fervent creativity and over the course of the many years he lived here the rooms of the Milanese villa became decorated with his art. There is no better, certainly no richer, example of the Fornasetti aesthetic. The home became a testbed for Fornasetti’s work with colour and motif: unique designs, original furniture, found objects and inspirations fill the rooms. Piero’s home became a living archive of his style – the result is an intoxicating, magical experience. The house remains the Fornasetti family home and has been maintained and developed by Piero’s son, Barnaba Fornasetti".
I will name below some furniture and accessories of this house, all designed by the Fornasettis.

yellow room
The colorful  home study of Barnaba Fornasetti, with “Quattro stagioni” on the floor by Roubini Rugs. The desk “Riga e Squadra” was designed by Barnaba and the chair “Moro” by Piero.

The most whimsical bathroom I have ever seen with ceramic tiles “Tema e Variazioni” by Ceramica Bardelli. Vase on bathtub by Fornasetti. Rug “Mano” for Roubini Rugs.

living room
Fornasetti designed the tray and the tea-set laying on the rug  “Pavimento” for Roubini Rugs and where the cute porcelain cat happily sleeps, another creation of the company as well as the fabric “Soli e Lune” used for the pillows.
We now enter Barnaba Fornasetti's main office at home with the rug “Poliedri” by Roubini Rugs.  Vintage “Leopardo” cabinet, trompe l’oeil “Paggio” on the door and several drawings on the walls are all by Piero, the beautiful floor lamp is a vintage called “Cammei” by  Piero and  the whimsical magazine holder “Luna” was designed by Barnaba .
I hope you enjoyed the short tour and the story of this house, that will probably continue with more images and possibly an interview of Barnaba Fornasetti when I will visit this private house in spring, while in Milan.
To end this tour of a fabulous house, full of inspiration, I will leave you with an image of its enchanting garden.
All images used with express permission by Barnaba Fornasetti.

Photography of the kitchen by Guy Hervais, all others by Hugh Findletar.

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Theresa Cheek said...

Fornasetti! How wonderful. I have always been attracted to his style. These interior shots are eye candy. I love the bathroom.

Dovecote Decor said...

Let's face it. You cannot beat the Italians on design.

peggy braswell said...

congrats Jenni+great post- Albarosa xx

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

There is just nobody like him is there?

Great post. Keep em' comin'.

Unknown said...

One if a kind! Stunning. Modern Sophisticate

PragueKabinet said...

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