Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brillante's 2011 social media resolutions

I will not check ten times a day my stats!

I will learn more about using Facebook!

I will start to Twit-Twit-Twitter-Twit-Twit (beware you all)!

I will follow more closely my Facebook friends, time permitting!

I will post more frequently and hopefully more of my own projects, so far I am lacking interesting enough photographs. No matter how I design, source, arrange things there is always something I cannot change that clients love and I don't want to show!

I will not comment anymore on blogs that not once have put a comment on mine, even if I did comment constantly on them for two years or more! Don't make me name names...

I will respond to all the comments I receive, either with a comment on the other blog or with a response on my own site!

I will read more posts and be able to comment on more blogs, time permitting!

I will Re-brand my company, name, website, blog, stationery will be different even if maintaining most of the present look, the great team at Meade Design Group is helping me already and I will disclose more about that as soon as the project will be completed!

Excluding the last resolution, already on its way, I should have typed "I will try to..." for all the others, being more realistic.

Is any of the above sounding familiar?
What are your social media resolutions?


MyFavoriteFrenchAntiques said...

Maybe this year I will actually get on the facebook wagon..maybe?
is that weaker than I will try

I favor blogs...I learn so much

Sherri Cassara said...

I am completely laughing at your very first one. I am new to blogging and have been OBSESSED with the stat thing. I know I need to not be, but it is hard stop ;) And I could completely relate to the one about posting your own projects and how you don't want to show them because of the spin the clients put on it.. it is sooo true. My finished homes are very rarely 'photo' worthy and I am realizing if I want to 'use' them I need to go back in and 'style' them, which is not always possible - that is why I have not taken a lot of finished photos in the past; something I am having to change now that I am blogging. Someone gave me great advice when I started... to blog what I want and not worry about stats or comments (so hard to do that) and my kids would constantly say, we want to see YOUR stuff. So as much as I love the 'perfect' image blogs because they are so nice to look at, but I also appreciate seeing people's original work and hearing about their real life design stories (good and bad) too. Happy New Year!

eclecticrevisited said...

Hi Albarosa, I am really interested in how your "rebranding" goes.. can't wait to see... and, yes, I too, have a lot of "try to's" for a good deal of improvements planned for this new year... best of luck to you... maureen

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

I also look forward to your re-branding! (I should really do the same, but probably not anytime soon - too swamped with work)

Consistency is my goal.

Best of luck in 2011!!

Karena said...

Hi Albarosa,

I am excited to see your new design & rebranding. I adore Ivan Meade by the way!

Art by Karena

Jane K. Schott said...

Yeah!!! So many things I have thought to myself.
I don't know what the New Year will bring but I can always count on my fellow bloggers to at least take my mind off the dramas that befall my life.

I am blessed.

peggy braswell said...

I loved your post+to the new 2011 here is all the best to you. xx

diane@onlinefabricstore said...

Mine are about the same as yours. I thought Facebook and Twitter were suppposed to be so easy! Good luck to both of us and hope to see you "there".

mary said...

Amazing!!! Your list looks so much like my list. Especially the social media part. A new website is already in the works, but do need to learn how to use Facebook to my advantage. I think (hope) that twitter is on the way out. Have great New Year's Week.

Marcus Design said...

Lovely! I can identify with so many of these resolutions. I will try harder in many of these areas as well!! Please let me know when you are on twitter, I will be following along for sure :) Happy New year/month/week to you Albarosa.
Nancy xo

susan said...

You are in GREAT hands with the Meade Group. I'm preparing to be amazed.
My technology goal is to start a blog. There, I said it. Terrified!!!!! I will continue to look to you for inspiration, Albarosa. You do not disappoint!


Dear Albarosa,

Thank you so much for the mention! We are very excited to be working with you.

Cheers! Iván

Design Elements said...

lovely resolutions! happy new 2011

A CRITIC'S EYE said...

As a reader and admirer of creative spirit, I resolve not to follow suit of the many bloggers with nothing to contribute but admiration and flattery. I am not one who admires "the Emperor's New Clothes". No one learns in the end. Therefore I will express my opinion with respect and honesty, so that in a small measure I could contribute to more of a constructive dialogue. No designer is perfect all the time, if ever, so why not question things and have opinions expressed? That is when something really deserving of notice could stand out.

Patricia Gray said...

Hi Albarosa
All your resolutions sound 'brilliante'! My only problem is finding the time. Facebook seems to be gaining a lot of attention. I have still to figure it out.
All the best in 2011 with your resolutions.

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