Sunday, January 9, 2011

Etro style

You may know already Etro as a famous fashion house but this Milanese company, founded in 1968 by Gimmo Etro and still a family business, has also a great Home collection, under the talented guidance of Jacopo Etro.  In an interview he, never a minimalist, said that the philosophy of the collection is to add color to interiors, to surprise and amuse at times even with a funky twist.
Etro style is in fact saturated with colors and imagination, exotic patterns like paisley, pink and lilac mixed with fresh acid greens and yellows, all the colors found in nature, the ones of delicate flowers, the more vibrant spring grass, transparency of shells found on an exotic beach...the Home collection creates four different moods inspired by far away destinations or by a romantic period of the past like Angers which recalls the atmosphere of 18th century.
 Kanpur instead uses vibrant hues like emerald green, hot pink, ochre, gold, Jalor more subtle shades of ivory and graphic patterns in red and finally Ortigia inspired by the sun drenched landscape of the South of Italy and its brilliant colors.





No matter what you choose, pure white linens or jolts of colors in your bedroom
I wish you the best dreams to come true in the morning.

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peggy braswell said...

Oh my I did not know they made bedding. If I can learn one thing a day then it is a great day! Thanks xx

Ann said...

Love those shades of purple...and patterns:)

Design Elements said...

wonderful purples!

Anonymous said...

Hi Albarosa...
awesome headboards...and
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I love how Etro mixes patterns and colours. Molto Bello!

Claudia Juestel said...

I have always LOVED Etro and brilliant color combinations. I am a sucker for paisleys, and they do it so well. Thanks for the reminder Albarosa.



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