Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Art from Coast to Coast

I was reading a great Post on Habitually Chic Blog on Picasso exhibition in New York and since I am passionate about art I could not resist to pass it on. I just wish I was in New York right now.

buste Buste d'homme by Picasso

On the other hand we are expecting the opening of "The golden age of Dutch art" at the Vancouver Art Gallery this week, and being Vermeer also one of my favourites (I am eclectic even in art) I can't complain.
dutch A portrait by Aelbert Cuyp

I am reading a book these days very intriguing which I suggest if you are interested in the art world, it definitely gives light to many issues and especially to primary dealers like Gagosian.
I recently met the author of the book in Vancouver after a lecture (we had a full day of art events put together by the Canadian Art Foundation and the Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver to which I belong, it was a day of bliss...).
She is a vibrant, smart, knowledgeable lady and it was a pleasure talking to her and reading her book:
"Seven days in the art world" by Sarah Thornton


Peg said...

Love the similarities as well as the MAD differences in these two wonderful portraits. Peg

Maria Killam said...

I find Picasso's art mostly disturbing. But I am a flower person when it comes to art. . . or sunsets. . . I like pretty.

qerat said...

Thanks for the tip about the book Albarosa

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