Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Art's lady

We enter today in a special house in Milan, owned by Claudia Gian Ferrari, a big personality in the art world, major collector, art dealer and 1900 art historian.
Soon part of her collection will be transferred to a historic house-museum where a full room will be dedicated to it so at least, she said, she could go there and visit her loved pieces (and we could too, thanks to her generosity).

She is the daughter of Ettore Gian Ferrari, owner of the most dynamic art gallery in post war Milan and involved for 25 years with the Venice Biennale, so art is really in her blood.
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"Fanciulla con passero" (Girl with sparrow) by Arturo Martini. On the wall an oil by Alberto Savinio, great artist and great writer, brother of Giorgio De Chirico.

This house speaks about art, culture, personality. The 1985 project for this house by architect Mario Bellini follows a square module for each room.

On the foreground "L'amante morta" (The dead lover) by Arturo Martini made in 1921 of polychrome plaster.
Note also the superb Biedermeier sofa in the background, crowned by Mario Sironi oil.

In the garden another sculpture "Il dormiente" (The sleeping man) by Martini, made of Carrara marble.
She said in an interview that building a collection is not just buying art, but it needs great passion and a project to start with. A not so subtle critic of art speculators who buy and sell without really
loving their pieces!
Art needs love, she said, and her life is dedicated to love art.


qerat said...

To live with all these books and all this amazing art must be a daily treat

Michelle said...

The home is a peice of art Albarosa...thanks for sharing!

I especially love Bedermeier...and that library...lovely.

It's funny how most artists and collectors also love books.

annechovie said...

What a unique and interesting space and I absolutely adore her garden! Thank you for posting and for your kind comments on my blog!

Molly Jean said...

"art needs love"...that's too good! thanks for sharing!

Maria Killam said...

I love the turquoise and the way her art is displayed! Beautiful.

Katherine Lee said...

That home is indeed a work of art. That turquoise ceiling is out of this world. I can only imagine what it must be like to wake up to those priceless works. Amazing indeed!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Meade Design Group said...

I love the fact that each piece is carefully selected and place with pride. That house has as much personality as the owner of the house.

Love the old saints - I hope one day I can get one of those for my home.

Fifi Flowers said...

FUN turquoise in her home! LOVE the garden dining area!

Brillante Home Decor said...

I was very attracted to this house and I am glad you all like it.
To me being surrounded by art and books is pure joy.

Design by E said...

wow I love youre blog so happy to find this webb side,,amazing picture...se you..//E

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