Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sun or shade

We are waiting all winter for the sun to appear and then…when the sun shines… we want shade!
See how strange we are?!
Let’s get inspired and find here what we need, space permitting, to create some shade areas and some privacy from our neighbors.

Some choices are…

outdoor  umbrella Emu
Emu Shade large cantilever umbrella (and Emu outdoor furniture).

Oasis by Roda outdoor
Collection Oasis designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Roda,  teak structure and fabric that can be manually and easily moved up or down.

Landscape by Kettal outdoor
 Same concept for Landscape pergola by Kettal (outdoor furniture by the same company).

retractable awnings
Retractable awnings are always useful, also in case of rainy summer days.

Unosider retractable awnings
For a more rustic ambiance here is the pergola Acquavite by Unosider.  The roof moves horizontally retracting to permit lunch in the shade and dinner under the moon.

multiscreen system outdoor by April Alterior furniture
April Alterior furniture presents the movable multiscreen  system ShangriLa which can create shade and privacy where you most need it. I personally would not choose red,
which can create too strong reflections of light.

Tuuci large outdoor umbrella
The always elegant large white umbrella, this is Plantation Collection by Tuuci .

Sun or shade, the choice is ours!

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mosaicology said...

I would go with the last picture. Big enough for the entire family. Oh, and the swimming pool. Thank you. Grazie.

Ti auguro un'estate bella e serena!

peggy braswell said...

Love this post!+ wonderful blog. Thanks

Theresa Cheek said...

I think the last one is just great also! But,the teak and fabric is elegant!

Stacking chairs said...

Some interesting shade designs here, they really compliment the surrounding area!

Great photographs and designs.

Marcus Design said...

I like these shade ideas, and it's amazing how we are never happy either upset about the cold or upset that it is too hot!! I love the sun, but of course a little shade is sometimes necessary!
Nancy xo

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