Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The joy of summer

Finally Summer is here and if the weather behaves we can start having dinner outdoor, no matter if we have a garden,  a terrace, or just a small balcony. We will set the table in a casual, but attractive way, we will prepare fresh and simple food, a variety of salads, cold pasta dishes, maybe some grilled fish and display delicious seasonal berries.
But no matter how fancy the table and delicious the food… everything can be ruined by insects and mosquitoes, many chemical products are available but often some can create problems to your guests.   The best way is to use natural products:

- did you know that basil keeps away flies?
- and geraniums keep away mosquitoes?
- of course everyone knows the power of citronella.

Why not try then to decorate the table with small pots or, as the top image shows, with empty tea  tins, filled with basil, rosemary, citronella, small geraniums, lavender. The scent will keep away insects and the greenery will be a pleasant centre table.
Some bigger pots with these plants around the conversation area will also make sitting outdoor more comfortable.
Aromatized candles will also be beneficial and the soft light will create atmosphere, especially if you choose colored thick glass displayed on a window sill, or on a small table, they will not only keep away insects but also become an enchanting focal point.


Happy Summer to everyone!

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Karena said...

Albarosa I did not know that about geraniums and basil! I love them both so they will be gracing my terrace and porch!

Art by Karena

the modern sybarite ™ said...

Dear Albarosa. Thanks you for this refreshing view of my favorite season. The fruit looks scrumptious and brings memories of Italy and France. Grazie mille


Love the tips - I knew about citronella but I didn't know about geraniums or basil. In México people hang bags with water to keep flies away (lol) - It sound crazy but they work.

Unknown said...

Great tips! Our garden has loads of mosquitos no matter what I seem to do. I will be putting this to use next dinner party.

Maria Killam said...

I better tell my sister to start planting geraniums, she lives right be a small stream in yarrow and is worried that there is a huge zapper outside hanging underneath one of the soffits that the former owner left :)

peggy braswell said...

Grand post! wonderful tips+who knew about basil? I certainly will tell all my friends in Florida about this one. Happy Wednesday. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Lisa Porter said...

So lovely to find your "Brilliante Italian" solutions to a pesky little problem! I discovered your post at the Fab Over 50 weekly round up style blog.
They included my story on the Land of Enchantment. Now with your great advice my outdoor dining will be more enchanting too!
Have a lovely week.

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