Thursday, June 16, 2011

A loft in Florence

A large loft, airy and bright, with its industrial bones, as a former small factory, maintained, adding interest to the contemporary interior design  and the dominant colors.

The dining table, in a rich and thick chestnut is a project of the designer and owner, Sachiko Bradley. The chairs are vintage Eames  and the ceiling pendants were designed by Achille Castiglioni for Flos. The paintings are all by Sachiko’s father, the English artist Martin Bradley.

A comfortable custom made sofa in the living. Note the beautiful industrial windows with the natural light flowing in. The openness of the loft is what the owner  was searching, a house “Where we would never feel alone”.

The Asian red lacquer cabinet creates a focal point and stands out from the concrete floor painted white. Small lanterns drop from the high ceiling at different heights, probably Flea market’s finds.

The children room with different stripes of vintage wallpaper on the main wall, a white Ikea piece continues with a custom designed desk, a smart way of mixing vintage, new, mass production and original pieces. 

The kitchen, open to the living area, echoes the industrial feeling of the loft. Unusual decorative elements, the old alphabet characters, salvaged from stores signs, contrast in a great way with the stainless steel wall above the stove, a clean, functional, bright area where to cook, gather, create new recipes.

The designer maintained the original doors to the courtyard, worn iron and the rust tell us a story, like in so many houses in Europe where centuries of lives are creating a mosaic of styles and memories.

An open space fit for a modern family.

Photography by Lorenzo Nencioni/VegaMg

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Provide said...

Love Florence! Thank you for sharing this beautiful space.

mary said...

I love this space: minimal (but not too), bright, warm, inviting and with a courtyard! Thanks. Mary

Claudia Juestel said...

I would have never guessed the loft was in Florence. Looks like a great family place.



Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Beautiful space
Fantastic art

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