Friday, July 2, 2010

An artist apartment

When a photographer purchased this apartment of 500 square feet, in a humble Milanese building, it consisted of two-rooms badly distributed, in need of structural consolidation but with great potential: the terrace and the adjacent attic, so far unused. Thanks to the idea of including the attic space the apartment became a luminous open space with sloping ceilings, while creating a conservatory enhanced the terrace.

The architect Antonio Maria Becatti first created more natural light, enlarging the tiny bathroom window, facing south and with a wide view over the rooftops, and opening a new window in what later became the living area. The attic was then attached to the house with a glass corridor.

The attic was equipped with two skylights, one positioned above the bed. The roof has been redone to improve thermal insulation, but the original beams have been reused. The furniture and objects were found in junk shops from around Europe, and their heterogeneity contrasts with the linearity of the custom furniture designed and constructed of birch plywood, a material that provides a clean surface.

A frosted glass door leads to the conservatory, in the bathroom the tub is like a small swimming pool created with mosaic by Bisazza.

In the kitchen the cabinet are made of birch plywood and appliances are in brushed steel, the work surface is timeless Carrara marble.

At left an image of the new conservatory, which connects the living and sleeping areas and overlooks the terrace. At right, the pleasing atmosphere of the veranda with floor mosaics by Bisazza in ice-white hue.

The view from the top allows easy identification of the former two-room apartment, where they are now the living area and kitchen in a sort of small open space, and the bathroom (a total of 500 square feet), the new glass corridor opening to the terrace and linking to the attic area which now houses the bedroom and walk-in closet.
A very clever use of the space.

Photography by Andrea Vierucci


Anonymous said...

Hi, good read. In what area is the apt located? I lived in Milan for around 10 years and it would ring a bell. I love the work done in the apt and especially a mosaic lover, I admire the bisazza mosaic tiles in the bathroom.

G S Sirotnik said...

Encourages me to downsize . . . in style. But, as the interior designer said to the matron, in The New Yorker cartoon of years ago: "Yes, Mrs. Smith, we can do minimalism for you. But I'm afraid it's beyond your budget."

Theresa Cheek said...

I love all those books and the mosaic bathroom! Great post!

Stacey said...

Lovely read. I just came across your blog and i love all things Italian although i am not Italian. However, i lived in Vicenza for two years and living amongst Italians was such a joyful experience. Of course, i did quite a bit of furniture and clothes shopping while there too! You have a beautiful blog:-).

pve design said...

Our renovation will begin soon for my own artist studio at home. I cannot wait to have my very own dedicated space to call my own and to create and inspire others.
That is a wonderful space.

Anonymous said...

Hi again. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am not sure I "got" it for the verification word. I did a course in Ravenna. We will catch up later !xxx


Fun! I love the lay back feel in this place. It has personality but doesn't look messy - Everything has a place and everything has a purpose.

Saba Jon said...

The bathroom is awesome!

Diane from pools said...

I love how well the space is utilized - and I can tell it's a tiny apartment. Somehow I love the idea of huge wood beams on the ceiling appealing - at least it's definitely more original than just the white ceiling.

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