Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sex and the rugs

Were you attracted by the title? Hold your expectations...

I have not seen yet the movie "Sex and the city 2" so I will just talk about a beautiful rug in "Sex and the city" first movie. Carrie Bradshaw has grown up and her old apartment has an updated look. I was definitely attracted to the bright blue shade on the walls, it reminded me of a bedroom I had many years ago, almost the same brilliant ocean blue very close to Benjamin Moore's Electric Blue.  Carrie as we all know is a fashionista and her apartment reflected her style so of course she also bought the gorgeous "Overleaf" rug for her bedroom from The Rug Company, Marni designed line.
I don't particularly like the choice of a dark purple with those blue walls, maybe Overleaf in a golden yellow would have been better? What do you think?
7-13-2010 11-27-55 AM
Nevertheless the rug is beautiful.

Two years went by from the last movie and I heard that in "Sex and the city 2" Carrie has spent the time, after her marriage to Big, furnishing their apartment. They left the luxurious penthouse and moved at a lower level in a space reflecting more maturity and their life as a couple.  The apartment reflects the taste of both, vintage pieces, rugs, refined textiles, brilliant colors, flowers and stripes.

She says she has betrayed fashion for interior decoration, even if her huge walk in closet is still full of shoes, gorgeous clothes, dreamy gowns, as I can imagine from this picture.

In her old, single, apartment's walk-in closet the runner is again from The Rug Company, Margherita, part of the same  line, designed by Marni.

And who is this lady? A new friend of Carrie?

No, this is not another character of the movie, but the very creative fashion icon Consuelo Castiglioni founder of Marni, a cutting edge, extremely successful for its unique style, fashion label based in Milan, now expanding into accessories and rugs.  She is the designer of all those fresh patterns you can see at The Rug Company.

Another rug, this time in a tent in the desert, on the sand...so...going back to the movie: will we see also more ethnic interior decoration in their houses after the girls went to Abu Dhabi?
 Photography courtesy of Craig Blankenhorn/New Line Cinema and from The Rug Company website


Ann said...

About the title... :)

In the past few years, I think rugs have been the most inspirational tool I've had for decorative finishes. They've really come a long way from either an Oriental or boredom!

Thanks for stopping by!


Stacey said...

Yes, i rushed over here when i saw the title:-). What can i say? Although i'm a sucker for contrasts, i think the purple rug would probalby work if the colour were Benjamin Moore glacier blue or something not as strong. I love the electric blue though, but the yellow would have been a better choice.

DesignTies said...

Great post title!! :-)

The deep purple rug may not be the best choice for the blue room, but the colour is beautiful and the pattern is fabulous :-) And wow, I wish I had a walk-in closet like that!!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my drawings :-) I really appreciate it!!


Maria Killam said...

Hey, I still haven't seen this movie, I am missing out! Fun to see it on your blog instead :)

G S Sirotnik / Endless Blind Passions said...

Great thematic segues from rug in film to rug designer, and back again to film. Very creative and entertaining.

jerry said...

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