Sunday, July 18, 2010

A challenge? A solution!

Smart solutions in a 360 square feet apartment allow space for everything. It was a big challenge for Interior decorator Daniela Zelli Vanoli, but with her magic wand she revolutionized the floor plan creating more light and functionality.

The whole apartment has the same woodfloor, which creates continuity and visually enlarge the space. Where the old kitchen was a new bathroom was installed and the bedroom became larger and more comfortable. Every inch was used and niches were discovered inside the thick brick walls.

33 mq.02
I love this B&W photograph.

Red accents give energy, grey tones give subtle elegance.

From the old floor plan you can see the enclosed space between bedroom and living area, which became instead part of the living. The bathroom was moved and that alone allowed more space for the bedroom. Clever the use of some space inside the thick brick walls to allow more storage and a larger shower. The living area has space for entertaining, working, relaxing. 33 mq._04
A really functional and elegant, even if very small, apartment.

Photography by Andrea Vierucci


Stacey said...

Ingenious use of space! It goes to show that one can live comfortably in a small space.

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Very clever use of space. I love it.

qerat said...

Truly amazing
It looks much bigger that the actual space. Brilliant

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