Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brillante choice: Busnelli

Fiocco chair

"Fiocco" means bow in Italian and this chair brings the visual joy of a colorful curly ribbon on a gift for (or from?) someone dear to us.

Two metal ribbons run parallel creating large and sinuous lines and among them is a comfortable stretching fabric. Fiocco, produced by Busnelli, was designed in 1970 by Gianni Pareschi. Part of the MoMA collection and re-edited in 2007, this chair is able to fill any space with its vibrant colors, available also in pure black or white, while being extremely thin and when viewed from the side it shows only the contour, allowing to appreciate other elements of the room.

I can see this chair in a contemporary interior decor or creating a great contrast as
a focal point in a classic interior.


Anonymous said...

Love it,happy to have come across your blog.x

qerat said...

I have this thing for chairs. everytime i see a beautiful one I have to stop myself from wanting to own it. This I might not be able to :)

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

WOW, there's a conversation piece!

design traveller said...

almost like a sculpture!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Truly like a piece of art. So magnificent, much like a piece of retro ribbon candy.

Have a creative Wednesday ~

pve design said...

If I had that chair, that would be all I would need.

Francine Gardner said...

Great chair. I am souring very contemporary pieces for an space in a Jean Nouvel designed building... I am having such fun with it!

outdoor wicker furniture said...

Hi there. I'm sorry, but I think that it is lovely, BUT it's kinda offbeat for me. How can you possibly be comfortable in this?

Anonymous said...

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