Sunday, April 26, 2015

It is back! The Bar cart…


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“My nerves could stand a drink” a young Grace Kelly said in the romantic thriller To catch a thief.

Either for offering a drink to a guest or indulging in one after a stressful day at work, most of us have some bottles stashed somewhere, hidden in a cupboard or displayed on a counter.

If you are of a certain age…you certainly remember a bar cart in your parents’ home and now it is back with a vengeance.

Brass, wood, chrome, steel, either vintage or brand new created by designers with a more contemporary look, the style could be classic, modern, industrial, chic, rustic…the choice is ours.

Fall and Holiday Entertaining: Cocktail Hour @Targetstyle #targetentertains #targetstyle


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Industrial carts with casters, repurposed as bar carts, add an edge to a very sophisticated proposition. Here are five that will create an instant party vibe wherever you take them.Remodelista-Industrial-bar-carts-wood-utility-cart


The bar nook in your home should be a place of sophisticated socializing and fun. Instead of just...

If you don’t drink you can certainly use it to serve tea, coffee, lemonade and present everything beautifully arranged in a practical manner.

Rolling Carts

Spring Bar Cart Styling: a mint, pink and gold bar cart display for spring!


A bar cart is something useful and practical but also a colorful accessories, sometimes fascinating because it reminds us of the past.

Martini anyone?

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Karena said...

Albarosa, I love a beautifully styled bar cart and you have shown us a fabulous selection!Also, a perfect spot to hang an amazing work of art right above!

The Arts by Karena

designchic said...

I'm such a fan of bar carts and actually have the one in the fourth image. Just love the touch of brass and mirror in any room!

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