Friday, April 3, 2015

Cabana, a Brillante choice

Ask any Milanese, including myself, about his city, …and you’ll have the same answer:  Milan treasures don't come toward you, but you must go find them. Same applies to the old generation of authentic Milanesi who never liked to show their wealth but cultivated more the taste for stylish understatement.

For all these reasons we consider Milan still like a "secret" city that wants to be discovered slowly and now an amazing tour of Milan’s hidden passages and fabulous residences could be found on the new biannual interiors magazine Gianluca Reina started publishing a year ago: Cabana.


In this era of mass market mentality, it is a real pleasure to come across a unique magazine that  is about style on many levels. Cabana explores the “intellectual and emotional intimacy with buildings and their surroundings … the intense relationship of thought, place and the person.”

All the amazing interiors reflect an intimate, comfortable feeling, which is the vision behind Cabana, as editor in chief, Martina Mondadori says in an interview:

“Not only big and grand rooms, but that corner, that detail, that object that makes a room feel unique and yet personal (…) People need constant inspiration and nothing more than a beautiful interior set can inspire you for the combination of colors, objects and materials (…) Cabana is an inspirational magazine, a snapshot of an ideal lifestyle where aesthetics have a central role. It is dedicated primarily to interiors (…)”

To give you an idea, one of those articles presents a story by Taiye Selasi, accompanied by the following photos by Guido Taroni.

photo by Guido Taroni in Cabana Magazine



photo by Guido Taroni in Cabana Magazine

photos by Guido Taroni in Cabana Magazine

A stunning home, full of fearless style and personality…somewhere behind the closed doors of Milan.

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Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

It is a shame that stylish understatement and discrete wealth are fast disappearing in the flashy world of those who want and need to be noticed. Perhaps I'm showing my age? One can't go past the excellence of good Italian design, culture and food - now Im off to try and locate the latest copy of "Cabana". Thank you

Karena said...

Dear Albarosa, Cabana looks and sounds like such a wonderful magazine about Milan. The images you have shown are gorgeous!

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Justi said...

Stylish and adorable place. I want to live there!

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