Tuesday, May 12, 2015

At Home with Stella Jean

Stella Jean
Stella Jean is an Italian fashion designer, but she seldom designs her creations, not many drawings in fact… because instead she loves to play with fabrics until she produces what is already in her mind.

Stella Jean
Stella’s father is from Turin, the mother from Haiti and she grew up in Rome!  No wonder that her house, which she shares with her antiquarian husband and their children, is very eclectic and full of colors.

Stella Jean
Dining table is an original by Carlo Mollino, the superb architect-designer from Turin.  I love the trompe-l’oeil on the wall and the skirt on Stella paired with a simple jeans shirt is fabulous.

Stella Jean
Black and White photography invites the eye to rest and it is always an elegant touch even in the most colorful surroundings.

Stella Jean
A classic sofa becomes contemporary with a vivid color textile draped asymmetrically over it. What an inspiring idea!

Stella Jean
A modern kitchen by Arclinea is ideal to prepare Italian and Haitian dishes.

Stella Jean with one of her colorful creations.

Photography of interiors by Helenio Barbetta

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