Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Monday inspirations

Use old linen curtains found at Flea markets to set a rustic table.

Harrison Howard
Use Harrison Howard beautiful wall paintings to create a focal point in any room,
can you imagine a child’s room? Fairytale!

Corridor styling
Use a corridor wall for a design board, or collection of family photos
or inspiring images clipped from magazines.

House Beautiful
Use an empty frame in front of a framed mirror (it can be a more simple frame).

Kitchen Loft style
Use an antique chandelier and luxurious draperies in an industrial style loft.

Silk curtains
Use a contrasting trim on a solid color curtain to make it extraordinary.

Albert Hadley and Schumacher
Use  Schumacher's Tortoise Shell wall covering for a built in cabinet.

Some ideas are simple to replicate and they will make a tremendous impact in your house. All these images and many more are on my Pinterest boards, and I collect them to remind me of the beautiful things I see on other blogs and magazines (sources for above images are on my boards). I am addicted now… and I find it very useful for all my interiors projects, but I admit, sometimes just for the joy of finding beauty!

Follow me on Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean.

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P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I do enjoy Pinterest, though I got Off of it because I sometimes feel the constant frenzy of doing it diminishes some of the inspiration for Me. I love your suggestion of the harrison howard piece in the children's room. this is an area of the House that clients can Not be objective, so often they think children must have play characters rather than ART. Never too early to start them out right! pgt

mary said...

I especially love the "House Beautiful" inspiration...there are so many wonderful elements to this room, in addition to the frame-on-mirror. I am patiently waiting for this gracious style to return---I think that we are on the cusp. Thanks. Mary

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Love the tortoise much so I am using it and giving you credit for inspiration.

peggy braswell said...

Adore your thoughts on the beginning of the week. Stunning images.

Lee said...

I love the old linens on the rustic table... I have put a mirror in front of a mirror on a mantel... on close inspection I think maybe this image is another mirror... it looks beveled to me and wouldn't the back of the mirror reflect something unappealing? Just an observation without my glasses. I agree with the previous comment... a childs surrounding should be filled with real art. Delightful post. Thank you,
Albarosa! I visit your blog from time to time and enjoy your post.

Maria Killam said...

Love the yellow drapes with the contrasting trim!
Nice to see you last week Albarosa!

Furniture said...

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hardydanielle said...

I definitely left inspired! I would love to try a board like that with a photo collage and random articles, notes and such pinned on it!

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