Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The ceiling is the limit

Ceilings are often just an empty white space in a house, where furniture, accessories, lighting will never be able to fill that void.  Especially in historic or heritage houses the ceiling decoration is as important as the choice of a precious floor but in any house always remember the ceiling when decorating…in fact many times, especially in modern houses the ceilings are totally ignored.

Tiepolo Villa Pisani
So let’s remember to look up every time we enter an ancient church, a museum, a castle…or more simply when we decorate our house. There are many ways to improve any room starting from its sky, without recurring to Mantegna (as in the title image representing the “Camera degli sposi” in Mantua or the image above where Tiepolo decorated the magnificent Villa Pisani  near Venice)…here are a few inspiring ideas on how great designers created stunning rooms:

Dining room Morocco 
Exquisite Moroccan decoration on the ceiling and deep red for the walls
create drama in this dining room, the out of scale candelabra in this small room also set the tone.

SMW Design
SMW Design defined the ceiling of this San Francisco house with a graphic millwork.
This treatment can drop your ceilings down, so it needs height to be effective,
but it adds instant classic elegance.

House and home coffered
Same idea here with a coffered ceiling and wood paneled walls
for this  living room.(House and Home)

Case d'artista
Near Siena, Italy, a farmhouse with an amazing large bathroom, an old enameled tub, vivid blue antique rug and a collection of art on the walls. The ceiling  was painted with a lavender blue between the original old beams (From the book “Case d’artista” image by Mario Ciampi).

Milan apartment
A delicate Liberty style flower garland enhances the entrance
in this beautiful but otherwise minimalist apartment in Milan.

  The Adeeni Group, a ceiling of antique tin tile
Antique tin tiles ceiling by The Adeeni Design Group,
another beautiful feature in this stunning room.

kelly wearstler-bel-air-villa
Kelly Wearstler project in Bel-Air with a mirrored ceiling
reflecting light and the exquisite marble floor.

Look how beautifully the light plays with this high gloss ceiling.

 Eric d'Hérouville
Old beams can be a perfect juxtaposition for antique furniture as in this dramatic setting.

“Thousands of sheets of silver leaf were hand applied to the recessed ceiling, reflecting the crystal chandelier, sunlight through the floor-to-ceiling windows and the water of False Creek”. Project by Patricia Gray at The Erickson, in Vancouver.

Islamic art Architectural Digest
A simple bedroom with a rich Islamic artwork on the ceiling.

We don’t need to go to the extent of the above images but with a simple ceiling medallion, white or colored,  a new dimension will be added to any room, I can especially see a medallion in a bedroom to create more atmosphere and a focal point, personally I even often dream of having framed paintings on the ceiling, as I have on the walls…I did not have the courage so far but maybe soon?

If  a medallion is not your choice, why not paint the ceiling the same color as the walls to create a more intimate feeling as Sarah Richardson effectively succeeded to achieve in this bedroom. (House & Home)

-elledecor Jupiter Glow B.M.
Or choose a contrasting color to draw eyes up as in this
high gloss Jupiter Glow by Benjamin Moore (Elle Decor).

Using wallpaper is also an effective treatment to create interest
as in this delightful home office designed by Annsley Interiors.

Muriel Brandolini
Pendant lights and chandeliers of course contribute to decorate
a room like in this stairways and landing by Muriel Brandolini

"Don't dismiss your ceiling with a coat or two of white paint. The least you can do is tint it with a dollop or two of your wall color. Or paper it with pattern. Or make a sky of golden stars with rubber stamps and a metallic ink pad." -Lee Melahn. 

And there are many more ways but now I leave it to your imagination on how to create some interest in an otherwise blank space.
Remember… after all ceilings are the fifth wall so now please share your ideas on how to enhance them.

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the designers muse said...

Great ceiling ideas...I love the lacquered ceiling look. It's so bold! Jennifer

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Grand Ideas! + Thank you.

annechovie said...

What gorgeous ceilings, Albarosa! I can appreciate the hard work and sore necks that have gone into creating all of those! xx

Karena said...

Albarosa I adore the silver-leaf and the high gloss ceilings, Gorgeous images!!

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Household Management said...

Love the colors! thanks for sharing..

smr said...

The Mantegna, stunning, do you think anyone could copy it for me ?

Haus and Home said...

Ceilings can easily be overlooked, but these are great ceilings!

Karena said...

Albarosa, back to let you know I think this will interest you..

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