Tuesday, April 10, 2012

900 square feet of colors

Today we’ll visit an open space apartment in Northern Italy, with eclectic interior design, based on vivid colors mixed with neutral pieces of furniture. Colored walls and textiles play with each other, vintage pieces give life and history to the space.

The living room has an evergreen decorated balcony and a vintage armchair with Designers Guild fabric is the focal point of the room. I love the three panels, instead of most common two, of the off- white linen draperies.

The kitchen at the end of the living room opens to a terrace through a large French door decorated with three panels of colored fabric.Wood floor all over the apartment creates continuity. I love the colored pendant lights over the dining table and the Elica fan above the stove.

In the living room a sofa by Designers Guild, whose textiles were also used to upholster the 1950‘s chairs. As you can see the owner loves to mix new pieces with old ones, as the dining chairs, found at flea markets and painted the same color. The coffee table was found in a factory.

A stunning purple wall creates a division between the hallway and the study, but permitting light to flow from one space to the other.  On the study side a large niche in the new wall became a bookcase,  a Tolomeo floor lamp by Artemide gives light to the old desk. I love the three colors drapery and notice how they gently touch the floor. The bedroom has more privacy, due to the two doors painted in a fresh shade of green.

A very shallow niche in the corridor serves as shoe storage.

Even in the bathroom a touch of whimsical, with old wooden boxes
and vivid colors fabric used as open shelves.

No fear of colors here! A fresh and young apartment where old and new live in harmony and where colors create a joyous atmosphere.

Photography by Claudio Sabatino

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peggy braswell said...

Stunning! Oh how I love to see how others live. Thank you xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

mary said...

I love that purple(?)/blue(?) wall. It give so much life and depth to the space. thanks. Mary

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