Thursday, March 8, 2012

A house of books

In the living room of this penthouse in Rome we can find an early 1800 table and chairs and a modern Tolomeo lamp by Artemide,  sleek vintage grey velvet armchairs and oriental rugs but above all many, many books. In this apartment there are only a few walls, bookcases are the main character and are used as walls, as separation, even for framing the windows as you can see above. An idea to steal!

Large bookcases in the study with a Louis XVI desk and a fun table lamp with a seal playing with an ostrich’s egg.  All rooms have stunning Iroko wood floor, also known as African Teak.

The vintage, 1970’s, center table is made of white travertine.

A collection of decanters and pitchers reflects the light.

Vincenzo Gemito sculpture, head of a Neapolitan young boy.

A sink carved in stone and enameled grès tiles for the wall in the powder room.

In the bedroom an antique oil painting over the bed, covered in cut velvet
and, of course, many more books.

The same textile covers the comfortable vintage chair near the tall bookcase
framed by an antique fireplace mantel.  Another idea to steal!

RDS Interno -  Bravacasa_v1.3
In a corridor upstairs a great collection of photography,
mostly representing family members.

A house with a sense of history, well lived and …well read!

Photography By Adriano Brusaferri

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peggy braswell said...

Wonderful ideas! thanks

MJH Design Arts said...

I love this house--perfectly timeless. As always, thank you. Mary

A CRITIC'S EYE said...

This is the way books should be used, they are obviously collected to be read and not to decorate or fill a space with.

Theresa Cheek said...

I love the attention they gave to housing the books. It is the perfect blend of art and education. (LOVE the putti above the bed!)

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