Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A silky give-away for you!

Manito Silk robes

Do you like the feeling of silk on your skin? If you don’t, read no further!
Manito Silk blankets
Could you believe these blanket are made of silk? they are soft, light, incredibly comfortable for warmer nights and there is also a version for Babies, perfect for a special gift to a new mom.

varie 016
Manito Silk baby blanket

Have you ever slept in a bed with a silk bedding set? The luxurious look, the sensual feeling, the freshness and smoothness, no wrinkles on the bed, no wrinkles on your face, cool in summer, warm in winter! No wonder silk has been revered for more than 5,000 years!  Silk has been one of the first international trade goods in the human history together with spices and it was silk the fine thread linking for centuries Chinese Empires to the Mediterranean area.
Manito Silk
Manito Silk is a family-run business with silk farming and production facilities in Houshan, China, where fine silk production has a long and respected tradition and  offices and a showroom in Vancouver.  Sustainable practices and farmers support make Manito’s standards exceptional. “The silk worms are fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves. This results in uniform color and finer silk and it is called Mulberry silk, hand crafted with immaculate stitching and a charmeuse weave finish, you’ll discover luxury, elegance and sensuality like nothing else”.
Manito Silk pillowcase detail

An exquisite detail on the pillowcase, since instead of buttons, Manito uses charming little bows, for their products they use the highest available Momme count (the thickness of the silk, with a higher count meaning higher quality), and precise attention to detail in cutting and stitching.

Thanks to Manito I will  have a giveaway for one lucky reader chosen by a random number generator:
a beautiful Mulberry silk robe for you
will be sent free of charge in the length, size and color of your choice, from chocolate to pastel to champagne. For sizes and colors please click HERE.

varie 024
Manito Silk short robe

To be entered in the draw to win the gift all you have to do is:
- be a resident of Canada or USA
-  visit Manito website HERE then come back to this blog and leave a comment (at the bottom of this post) saying what particular item you liked most; for Brillante Interiors fans, Twitter and Facebook  followers, or email subscribers, click HERE to leave a comment
- entry deadline is Midnight PST on Sunday, April 17th, 2011
- Winner will be announced on Monday, April 18th
If you don’t already have a link don’t forget to leave a contact in case you are the winner.

Thanks Manito for the giveaway and for being a Brillante Interiors Blog new valued sponsor. 

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Cote de Texas said...

what an elegant giveaway!!!! that robe is gorgeous.

i;ll tweet it right now.

La Maison Fou said...

Saw the giveaway on twitter. I am loving the white robe.
La Maison Fou Blog

Norine said...

silk blanket. Sigh.

Norine said...

I love the silk blanket.

Elisabeth said...

I really like the Silk Robe Short in champagne!!! So classy... Thank you for the giveaway!
vandango33 at gmail dot com

La Petite Gallery said...

I loved everything. Wear lots of silk. I would love to have a silk blanket next year. The coco robe is wonderful. I used to have a sheet business making satin sheets, selling to Jordon Marsh in Florida.


Val Gowing said...

I am also loving the silk blanket! Maybe one for my new grandchild. I am hoping for a girl - already have 10 boys!

Marcus Design said...

Wow, what a luxurious giveaway Albarosa! I checked out their site and fell in love with the short silk robe in Champagne (so chic!).
Nancy xo

Lollyblogger said...

The silk sheets in champagne are to die for. I'd feel like a 1930's screen actress- the height of glamour!

silvia said...

I love silk.
I'm interested in your baby blanket for my grandson, it is so lovely and I tink very good for baby. Thank you Albarosa

Eva Marie Sutter said...

My mom bought me silk sheets and they are truly sumptuous, I'd love to have the robe to go with!!! Awesome give away!

Julia said...

Everything looks really beautiful but the silk blanket in Rose is one of my favourites, very well made too!

Thank you for the giveaway!

Kathy Carrow said...

I love the rose silk blanket, but everything looks luxurious.

Thanks, Kathy Carrow

Kannica said...

I like the silk bedding set. It looks very comfortable; dream sleep.


Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Once you have slept on silk there is no other way to go..I am sure I dream better too!

I would love to add a MANITO silk blanket in camel to my collection. Just Brillante!!!

The Editor said...

Silk sheets - and so reasonable! Nothing like a giveaway to generate comments! Cheers, Peg

Bridgette said...

I would love to wrap myself between that silk blanket.

eclecticrevisited said...

thanks for dropping by my blog and letting us know about your giveaway...
gorgeous items...
blankets, robes..all in silk...lovely..and you're right..these items would go so nice with my previous post of the glamorous bedroom....

peggy braswell said...

Just peaked in on Manito site, such beautiful, lovely things..ohhh the silk blankets. What a wonderful giveaway.

meach61 said...

How delicious to slip into chocolate silk sheets? Pure love!

Annette said...

What a surprise to see such gorgeous and affordable silk. My favorite is the long robe in chocolate or green.

Sue Ann said...

I loved everything but especially the silk blanket!

Vickie H. said...

Oh my! Such luxury! I love that beautiful silk blanket in Silverstone! Thank you for hosting this divine giveaway.

Anonymous said...

The silk blanket in camel would be perfect for my house. I also love their sheets.

Provide Home said...

i have seen the blankets and they are absolutely beautiful.

chedeb5353 said...

Love the white robe! Deb

grace said...

Beautiful giveaway. All were elegant but my favorite has to be the lovely silverstone silk blanket.

sunchicka said...

Love the silk fitted sheets


annechovie said...

I will put this great give-away on FB, Albarosa. Gorgeous robe and I love the silver blue silk duvet cover also. Have a great weekend! xx

Claudia Juestel said...

I love silk blankets and have specified them many times, and silk sheets are just amazing.

Thank you for introducing me to Manito. What a wonderful giveaway.



Christen said...

I would love the chocolate duvet cover. Sumptuous.

NB said...

LOVE it... so decadent yet so practical! Reminds me of
something Jane Birkin once said:

"When you've got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust."

Jo-Ann said...

I would love to own some silk sheets and a silk robe. Will stop in at Manito later this week to check them out.

Sheila said...

Love the silk duvet cover. Can you imagine sliding into it wearing the silk robe...heavenly, no doubt!

Cami said...

Wrapped in a Manito soft green silk robe, springtime on the deck (finally!), morning cup of coffee, dogwoods in bloom...sounds like bliss!

Mens Underwear Online said...

Fantastic blog! I loved everything but especially the silk blanket! Really, appreciating author's insights.

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