Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bensen…from Vancouver to Milan

If you live in Vancouver you definetely  know the two most beautiful design stores in Gastown, the oldest part of the city, with the name Inform Interiors. They represent the best of international design, and also many Italian companies like Poltrona Frau, Kartell, B&B Italia and more but they also have their own line of furniture: Bensen.
Neils Bendtsen, a Dane with passion for design is the man behind Bensen. I like to mention that an early Bendtsen design, the Ribbon Chair, is included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


For the first time Bensen has  a booth at I Saloni in Milan at the Fairground, where they present a series of new products with innovative solutions for contemporary living.
Essential lines, great comfort, touches of colors, beautiful pieces, very sophisticated in their simplicity.

Lotus is a multipurpose lounge chair, big impact, small footprint.

Sleeper is an elegant sofa that easily converts into a bed.

The Edward sofa, highly comfortable with classic proportions.

Note my own carry-on of which I am very proud, with the Logo “50 years young” (I Saloni 2011) and so useful to carry around the fairground brochures, magazines, press releases.

Format is an open bookcase system which could be used as a divider.

Homework is an elegant and versatile work desk.

In the few minutes I was there it was fun to see how many people were interested, some taking pictures, some touching the products or just looking inside while passing by.






Some of the booths from the floor above… believe me the fairground is…huge…!
More about it soon.

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peggy braswell said...

Great post. Have a great trip.

Dovecote Decor said...

I would love to see this furniture market. We just finished High Point, but this market looks much more coherent. High Point has everything, but the organization is difficult.

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