Monday, April 11, 2011

Give-away reminder



Don’t forget my latest Give-away, to participate please click HERE and the beautiful Mulberry silk robe by Manito Luxury Silk can be yours. Deadline is Midnight PST April 17, 2011.

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Audrey said...

The lovely Manito Luxure Silk robe is just what I need with Mother's Day coming up. I picked the soft Green tones since that's the color of my eyes and bedroom!
I love the feeling of 100% silk on my skin too! So does my husband ;-)

Albarosa, I sure enjoy following your blog too I hope you'll check out my as well Desinationdesignblog
by Audrey Brandt on travel and design.
All the Best,
Audrey Brandt

Jane Mangan said...

The light silk green robe is lovely.Very romantic and classy. I wish it were mine!

Jane Mangan said...

The light green silk robe is dreamy. I wish it were mine.
Just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Albarosa, I love the ivory colored short robe and can imagine myself slipping it on early in the morning, then tiptoeing into the kitchen to start a pot of fresh coffee while my husband continues to sleep in bed. Imagine his surprise when he finds me in this silken design rather than my tattered, old, white terry cloth robe.

I love your blog and have it included in my Favorites bookmark bar. Thanks for inspiring me to live graciously!

Barb Abeling

Linda said...

Oh, to tuck in to those luxurious silk sheets every night, but even better to wake up and put on the long silk champagne robe.

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