Saturday, December 18, 2010

A rose is a rose...

Exquisite roses decorate my home this Christmas. I was buying bunches to give to my clients as a thank you for their business and...I could not resist to buy more for myself. They are a delicate cream color with a hint of pale green around the petals and a subtle pink in the heart. The true color is not seen well on the screen but trust me, they are creamy and gorgeous.
Some are placed in a crystal bowl near my favorite books, you may notice two books (on Michael S. Smith and on Orlando Diaz-Azcuy) written by Diane Dorrans Saeks of  The Style Saloniste blog and on the right a great giveaway I received last Christmas from Garvinweasel blog (on Axel Vervoordt). Many more books of course in the background.

The Simon 041
I have put some roses also in a Christmas arrangement with holly, pine and winter greenery.
The Simon 027 

The Simon 025
From my house to yours may these Holidays bring you peace and joy.

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Photography by Albarosa Simonetti


heavycats said...

a rose is always a rose,so lovely

Anonymous said... a rose
Loveliness (not ) extreme

Thank you Albarosa for beautifying and enriching our lives with your blog during this past year. Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year.

P.S. I will try to figure this blogging "thing" and have a name for next year!

Luciane From said...

Outstanding! Gorgeous! What can I say??? Yet another amazing post by you!


Luciane at

Mosaicista Appassionata said...

Yellow roses are my favourite. Happy holidays!

qerat said...

Happy holidays Albarosa

peggy braswell said...

Your roses are beautiful+the books..happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I managed to find the comments box. I am sending messages to my few favorite blogs - thanking them for a wonderful year of FREE reading, fabulous inspiration and in your case, an exquisite glimpse into Milanese taste and style...this is such a gift you give us every time you press the 'publish' button. a virtual journey for sure!

mary said...

Beautiful, amazing color. Have a wonderful Christmas.

dovecote decor said...

Albarosa: All our flowers, our mantels decked with greens and berries, our tables set with care, our dinners, and gifts are the way we all express love. I think some people think we are silly, yet in reality we deck the halls with love. Your house is beautiful and set with love. Merry Christmas to you!

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