Monday, May 24, 2010

Rubelli in Venice

 Rubelli, founded in 1835, is famous around the world for extraordinary textiles and these are a few pictures I took when I recently visited their showroom in Venice.

Venezia 2010 002
The magnificent view of the Canal Grande from the Rubelli building.

Venezia 2010 003
Inside in the splendor of an old “palazzo veneziano” I could admire once again the original floor and the superb antique doors. For the first time I saw there the furniture line by Donghia, who was recently acquired, together with their textile, by Rubelli.

Venezia 2010 005
A beautiful and comfortable sofa in the unique Donghia style.

Venezia 2010 004 
A display of amazing textile samples on the walls.

Venezia 2010 008 

Venezia 2010 006
Rubelli has a partnership with Armani Casa, producing their exclusive textiles. What a great contrast between the very ornate palazzo and the minimalist design of the Armani furniture.

Venezia 2010 010
I admired the superb ceiling, carved and gilded wood.

Venezia 2010 009
Another picture of one of the ancient doors.

Venezia 2010 013
I could not resist to take another photograph from one of the balconies.

Venezia 2010 014
In another room the new Donghia lamps and the old Murano big chandelier.

Venezia 2010 015
A fireplace with a sculpture of a Doge. I was told that the Rubelli family tried to find the name of this important person, but without success, after much research they could not figure out who this Doge was.

Venezia 2010 017
The meeting room for important clients, hope they are not distracted by the magnificent ceiling.

Venezia 2010 018
Another curiosity: the two antique chairs were bought by the family in North America, they fell in love with the gold embroidered silk on the back, bought them and brought them back to Europe where probably they came from originally, I suppose.

Venezia 2010 007
On a window some catalogues, with the ancient walls of the courtyard as a background.
In Milan Rubelli has another fantastic showroom with the most exquisite textiles, but more on this in
a new post.

Photography by Albarosa Simonetti


Ann said...

Oohhh- like a sneak peak into the villa! Cool!

I know I would have a challenging time focusing on anything but the gorgeous designs and textures in there.

Thanks for sharing!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

thank you for sharing these. Donghia works well with Rubelli. the floors are heavenly pgt


Love the photographs - Some of the architectural details are beyond beautiful.

qerat said...

Albarosa, Can you see something that is painfully beautiful??? :)
Well this is it. The images are so beautiful.
Thank you

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