Thursday, May 6, 2010

A garden in the city

I fell in love with this “Fuori Salone” installation during the Design week in Milan.

I Saloni 2010 103
You may not know but during the week and many times during the whole month every available space, like former factories, former garages, warehouses in Milan is rented by various Companies to exhibit the latest creations for interior design (in this case I would say exterior design…) so it was only natural to walk around in Zona Tortona and suddenly enter this magic space where nature was prevailing.

I Saloni 2010 105
The chairs may not be functional but surely they are like sculptures and can add flair to every space outdoor.

I Saloni 2010 110

A greenhouse full of charme.

I Saloni 2010 111

I Saloni 2010 108
Furniture, Art or Nature? Look at this beautiful use of Ivy freely (or not so?) climbing on
 iron table and chairs.

I Saloni 2010 115
You may recall this picture from a previous post, it is only a small portion of the whole sign of the installation on the street side.

I Saloni 2010 113
Inside we found other surprises, like this old weaving loom.

I Saloni 2010 114
and vegetables, seeds, plants, everything to stay in touch with our mother Nature.

I Saloni 2010 121
A few doors away another green discover, a great vertical wall.

I Saloni 2010 122
Contemporary furniture in front of the magnificent green wall.

I Saloni 2010 124
An unusual mirror reflecting the vertical arrangement of plants.

A relaxing hour spent in a very green, in every sense, environment.

Photography by Albarosa Simonetti


Greet said...

Great post! The greenhouse is so charming!

Tonia {Chic Modern Vintage} said...

Plenty of inspration. Thanks.

Lushe said...

Great collection of vertical gardens


little augury said...

quite beautiful and the vertical garden is heavenly. pgt

G. said...

I've been enjoying your posts on the Milan Design Week. Very handsome stuff.

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