Sunday, January 3, 2010

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The set of "It's complicated"

Yesterday I have received the first comment of the year on my blog! It came from the painter Mitchell Johnson and to my surprise when I went to read his weblog I discovered that some of his paintings were featured in movies I absolutely loved for their interior decoration and their story, including the latest one directed by Nancy Meyers "It's complicated" that has three of his paintings on the walls of the dining room, hallway and living room.
This hangs over the living room fireplace.

"It's complicated" movie set

Another in the hallway.
"It's complicated" movie set

From the same artist, the painting titled "Truro" was featured in "The Holiday" a charming movie with great interior decoration in both houses, one elegant, sleek and modern, the other a warm homey cottage .

"The Holiday"

Other paintings are in "As good as it gets" and many more movies. I like the simple form, becoming abstract in its compositional balance and the subtle gradations of hues. They are certainly not just "decorative" paintings!
Johnson currently paints in Palo Alto, California as well as in Buonconvento, Italy, in Meyreuil, France and Bornholm, Denmark. His paintings can be found in over 300 private collections and 10 US Museums. His work has been the subject of solo-exhibitions in Milan, New York, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Helena, Portland and Scottsdale.
What can I say...a blogger's life is full of surprises!

Images from M.J. weblog and from Traditional Home


Patricia Gray said...

Hi Albarosa
I am a big fan of Nancy Meyers mnovies, so I went to see It's Complicated over the holidays and loved it. Now I have a new aspect to love about this movie - the artwork. Thanks for posting and lettomg us know about the brilliant artist Mitchell Johnson.

Greet said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing that with us! I love the paintings of Mitchell Johnson!

COCOCOZY said...

Thank you for the introduction to Mitchell Johnson!


Maria Killam said...

I saw that movie too, it was great! Nice to know who the artist is as well!

Brillante Home Decor said...

Patricia, Greet, Coco, Maria...I am glad you liked my post, and I am happy to be read around the world, from Vancouver to Belgium to Los Angeles!

red ticking said...

i so love when unexpected things happen like this... so fun to know this...he is truly a brilliant artist!
happy new year to you... x pam

gareth said...

I haven't mentioned this before, but I think your blog postings are getting better and more interesting. Experience.

Cote de Texas said...

I have to go again to notice these. did you know that annechovie has a work of art in the bathroom pot smoking scene!?

thanks for the comment today!

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