Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to create atmosphere with lights

As a follow up to my previous post The importance of lights and shadows the way we illuminate the space can create atmosphere or ruin the whole interior decoration, no matter how carefully color, style and furniture are chosen; lighting can bring a room together or make a room uninviting, unappealing and non-functional. There are three categories of lighting: General, Task, and Accent or Ambient, a room should blend all types of lighting for optimal use and style.
Accent lighting, as the one above serve to bring attention to a particular object, highlighting a collection, art and architecture and in this particular case the color for the shade of the lamp was also chosen to relate to a beautiful bunch of violets, below the explosion of mimosa; this type of illumination can soften the mood or brighten dark corners.

Estate 2009 470
Another accent lighting to appreciate the oil painting above and the vignette on the antique chest (more about vignettes in a following post)

Estate 2009 473
This can be called accent or task lighting since it highlights the objects but also it makes possible to comfortably sit on the sofa to read a book.

Estate 2009 482
General lighting: a gorgeous alabaster disk creates a warm and soft light for the entry foyer and a very welcoming atmosphere.

Estate 2009 430
In a kitchen we always need general lighting and task lighting.

Estate 2009 431
Task lighting is achieved here with some under cabinet lights and two Artemide-Tolomeo wall lamps, whose cord was exaggerated to create more interest and covered in a color coordinated with the bright red handles found at a flea market. This lighting allows to prepare food and cook comfortably and safely.

Estate 2009 433
In the same kitchen general lighting is given by a custom made ceiling light and again the red cord was purposely left dancing around.

Estate 2009 492
A fun touch of color of an old Ikea lamp standing on an antique Japanese lacquered table with mother of pearl inlays, quite an interesting contrast.

Always remember to balance proportions when selecting your lighting, the location of the lamp determines how to choose it, floor lamps need more space and the larger the lamp, the bigger the space; always consider height when it comes to table lamps, viewing the light bulb by looking up the shade should be avoided so try to use tall base lamps for low tables and short base lamps for tall tables.
I am sure you agree with me: well chosen lighting gives life to a room and creates
 a welcoming atmosphere.


Unknown said...

Great post! Lighting is everything. Thanks for letting me know about my blog...no idea whats up with it!

Unknown said...

Great post! Lighting is everything. Thanks for letting me know about my blog...no idea whats up with it!

home before dark said...

Love gentle pools of golden lights. I have leaded/beveled glass in my front door and put various cut glass object around the east-west facing living room. Watching the sun come up and go down around this room is a lovely little light show with little rainbows shot here and there. I was telling my husband about this pleasurable spending of time. We spend the day after Christmas, listening to music and drinking wine and just relaxing with the light. Silly but most enjoyable!


Another great lesson. Love the mood represented in your images.

Anonymous said...

The author of brillantehomedecor.blogspot.com has written an excellent article. You have made your point and there is not much to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not argue with: You've never quite sure whether it's ok to eat green crisps. Thanks for the info.

Michelle said...

It's definately all about lighting isn't it? I like to choose lamps or dimmers, candles or uplighting, depending on my mood. The shade is also so important. I'm loving the diffuser type lately.

Great post Albarosa...is that your place in Italy or a project?


cotedetexas said...

ok - that albaster light fixture is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great post too. lighting is such an important issue. if i get a client with a "real" art collection, I hire a lighting expert. !!!

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

So agree!!! Lighting can make or break a room. Beautiful pics to illustrate. Great post!!!

Maria Killam said...

Love this series you are doing! Lighting is everything for atmosphere that's for sure!

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