Friday, January 8, 2010

Fabulous Sixties


Was it just yesterday?
A new restaurant opened in the late Sixties in Milan and it was called "Eats & Drinks". The patron was an American stylist, Ken Scott, very well known then for his mastering of colors and floral patterns and, in tune with the revolutionary period, he revolutionized the floral style, from an old lady tea party look to a young and vibrant one.


It was an avant-garde concept in interior design, a total-look restaurant and from the picture above it could have opened a week ago and still look contemporary. What do you think? Note also the wall mounted lights, designed by Tobia Scarpa for Flos back then, timeless!
It was the first time I savored a cheese-cake and I still remember the taste of cornbread, unknown to me and majority of Italians back then.
Ken Scott was a fashion designer, a textile designer, a painter and a smart businessman, the Foundation created by him preserves the original design and now Home Collection Roma produces them.
After many years his prints for fashion and decoration are back and they had a great success at I Saloni 2009 (Milan International Furniture fair).
In Milan a new flagship store opened a few months ago and it was fun to browse and to recognize patterns I had on me so many years ago (a bag, a dress, a shirt, which I wore when my hair were much longer than my skirt! and patterns on pillows long gone from my house, which would be absolutely great to still have, but no worries... since I can buy new ones now that my hair/skirt ratio has reversed!).

A ceiling light with geraniums.

Chair, tablecloth, lamp...a cheerful vignette

Snaidero kitchen with stools upholstered in K.S. pattern.


"Velvet" chair by Poliform with hydrangeas.


Table lamps "Portofino" by Venini, Murano.

Another linen with vivid colors.

Timeless contemporary pieces coming back from the past.

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Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

What a fun time then. over the top and yet somehow livable! of course we would not like as much if it had not been replaced by high gloss surfaces,all white all beige interiors, and anything Provence... but as we did live without this lively look so well posted by you today, we love that much more. Thank you great idea!

Slumber Designs said...

Such crazy patters... I LOVE 'EM!!! Great colors, great vibes and such great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!!


DesignTies said...

I really like the vibrant colours and bold patterns. The "Velvet' chair is fabulous!!


Anonymous said...

Love this post! It reminds me of the work of Internationally acclaimed AUSTRALIAN designer Florence Broadhurst who was also part of the design revolution of the 60's. She too used oversized geometric and floral patterns - she was most famous for her WALLPAPERS. Her designs are also experiencing a huge revival via Signature Prints and The Florence Broadhurst Rug Collection. ( Her colorful life was even made into a film by the great Australian film maker Gillian Armstrong (My Brilliant Career, Starstruck)
Check her out! Cheers, Peg

Dale said...

Great post. I wasn't around for the 60's, but I think we might be finally almost getting to a point where we as designers are almost being as bold and fearless in our designs. When I started 12 years ago, it was all about the jewel tones, then it seems like almost a decade of boring beiges and taupes took over. Then color has slowly started creeping its way back, and I think more people are loving these bold mixes of pattern and colours. Very exciting.

Maria Killam said...

Those are so great, love all the colour! Have you been watching Madmen :)

little augury said...

Crazy for some prints-this one in the b&w is quite something-Wow in colour. Would love to see it in shades of gray etc. Love all these examples and splashed into some drab current settings a welcome, nothing beats a repetition of a single print to my eye. GT

red ticking said...

fabulous post...x pam

Amanda said...

I love all these fab colors. Weren't people really happy back then?! We should all use more colors like these!

Anonymous said...

I did live through the 60's, and no, people were not really happy back then. Pivotal times yes, but not happy, and that is why there was such great need for happy colors. In my opinion, generally not a good period in interior design, but it was true to its time and there lies its real value, and that is where it should stay. We should take inspiration from the best of it ,but not bring it back as it was, it would never be right at a different time in history. Yes, we need happy colors again, but it needs to be reflective of our time.

Patricia Gray said...

I love the fresh adaptation of this fabric on the stools in the Snaidero kitchen. 60's? seems like yesterday.

Mélanie said...

Such a crazy guy !I haven't heard about him before !! I love his style , the Portofino lamps are to die for

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