Monday, November 16, 2009

A new house for a couple

Have you ever been to London trendiest area, Clerkenwell,
famous also for "White Cube"
Damien Hirst's Gallery?
Well...there is a new home for Moroso and Flos who now live together (happily ever after) to show furniture and lighting perfectly matching and to further promote Made in Italy.
Their new house? a 600 mq. distributed on two levels.
The trait-d' union is Patricia Urquiola, a very talented designer who for many years has created for both brands and who has designed the mise-en-scene, starting from the street windows: "It was necessary to catch people attention, so they will know there is something not to pass by". She also wanted to keep the original space without much alteration, giving a sense of spontaneity to it. White is the dominant "color" also for the steel tubes creating some division in the space.
Sofa "Misfits" by Ron Arad for Moroso and lights "Arco" by Castiglioni (whose picture you could see in the background). The chair on the right is by Urquiola and it was first presented at Salone del Mobile 2009 in Milan (as part of the Fuori Salone "M'Afrique" installation)

Different areas look just like a real house, where the "couple" is ready to entertain.

On the floor Urquiola wanted a PVC carpet with round holes to cover the preexisting floor, a simple solution.
Left: Foreground chair "Bohemian" by Urquiola;
Right: Sofa "Lowlands" by Urquiola and lights "Tab" by BarberOsbergy

Left: Chairs are "Tropicalia" by Urquiola, "Soft Heart" by Arad, "Steel" by Franzolini
Right: light Taccia by Castiglioni and "Il Cubo" a wireless system of light control.

Left: "Super Archimoon" by Starck
Right: on the cables running between the two levels "Parentesi" lights by Castiglioni are alternated with spheres covered in "Sushi" textile by Edward van Vliet for Moroso.

On the left Floor lights by Dordoni and in the center two chairs "Juju" from Sushi collection.

Next stop for the "couple" will be probably Shanghai and Beijing where the two companies are planning to open flagship stores in 2010.
Best wishes for a couple's new house!

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trendoffice said...

True - Urquiola is The Designer of the last decade or more.
Good pictures!

qerat said...

What a beautiful showroom. It has to be the combination of companies and talent is amazing to start with.
Thank you for posting about it.

The Editor said...

Curse you! Now I want to change everything in my house!!!!

Cote de Texas said...

very interesting!

i had to laugh at your comment to me - you noticed that chain!!!! too funny - I have no idea what that was all about?

actually I had only pictures with people in it too - that was the only one without people! and remember - i thought that was a cute apartment!!!


Paradise! Love the concept.

Fifi Flowers said...

FUN colours!
How are you mon amie? Hope all is well!!!

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