Friday, August 7, 2009

What Opaline says about Brillante

I received a very nice comment today from a blogger I did not know:
"You have one of the coolest blogs I've found in a while. I hope you don't mind if I "steal" from you often (with credit, of course) for my Sucasa design sites"
so I went to check their site... please go and read Opaline, you'll find many interesting things.
It was also great to see my own photography on their blog! All my images are for sale and they can be found on my website, on my blog and many more in my portfolio.
For any information please contact me via Email, I will be pleased to provide you with details.

Image by Albarosa Simonetti
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Grant K. Gibson said...

Great photo!
Have a great weekend!

Maria Killam said...

And of course well deserved! Your pictures looked so wonderful on their blog posting!

Meade Design Group said...

Of course! You have an amazing eye for photography :) and for everything else (lol)

Your favourite mexican blogger, Il piccolo bello Ivan

AB HOME Interiors said...

It really is a great photo and you do have a great blog! Congrats on the recognition and great comment. It is always nice to receive such lovely notes from strangers!

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